Little Miss Notting Hill on Why September Is the Time for Change

Annie Wilmot, aka blogger Little Miss Notting Hill, on why September is the best time to embrace change…

Even though January is largely considered as the time for a ‘fresh start’, I actually always feel ready for a change and a revamp in September instead. Maybe it’s the feeling that lingers from a young age of the ‘start of term’ – being all refreshed after summer and ready for a new school year ahead.

So, since a very young age, this month has always signalled that start of a new year for us all; it was the time to rise up to that new grade, buy new stationery and meet new challenges. So isn’t it only natural that this feeling stays with us into adult life? I think there’s a real argument for us Londoners that September should be the new month to set goals and resolutions instead of a cold, bleak and uninspiring January.

Annie Wilmot, aka, Little Miss Notting Hill

Autumn in the City has never looked more beautiful if you ask me. The dwindling golden evenings and the turning of the leaves in Holland Park and Hyde Park make it the perfect backdrop to go for a walk, hit refresh and think about the rest of the year and what you want to achieve.

The mellower colours and sunsets lend themselves to a sense of calm and restoration. As Truman Capote wrote in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: ‘Aprils have never meant much to me. Autumns seem that season of beginning – spring’.

For me, it’s a real month of promise. The lazier days of summer are now winding down and so there’s a new energy in the air that brings with it a focus on what we want to get done before the year is out.

There is a wealth of articles from self-help authors who actually cite September as an important month for businesses to utilise – it’s a great time to set new goals, with the knowledge of looking back over the past eight months and then bringing what you’ve learnt and channelling it into the next year. By having these thoughts now, you’ll be ahead of the game come January when everyone else’s gears are shifting into ‘renew’ mode.

By having these thoughts now, you’ll be ahead of the game come January when everyone else’s gears are shifting into ‘renew’ mode

There’s also a lovely lack of pressure when thinking about your goals in September – there are none of the societal pressures about it being: ‘A new year, time for a new you!’ Everyone’s less stressed at the start of autumn and the colder days hint at the cosy pleasures of the coming months.

Despite it being PR-ed to death over the last year or so, there’s certainly something enticing about the Danish notion of ‘Hygge’. Simply put, the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures means to embrace all things cosy, which fits perfectly with September. My autumn essentials include stockpiling podcast episodes I’ve wanted to listen to for ages and finally getting through my bedside table reading list or finishing a Netflix box-set.

With a half marathon around the corner in October, there’s been a renewed emphasis on health and fitness having to make its way into my routine and so I know September will be filled with regular visits to some of the classes at Heartcore and making daily trips to Jusu for one of their restorative juices to cleanse me physically and mentally.

So why not embrace this month as the new year, jot down some goals (big or small) in that fresh new notebook and start preparing your autumn arsenal of good books (Lutyens and Rubenstein bookstore on Kensington Park Road is a personal favourite). Pinterest lots of new autumnal recipes and load up your Sky box with favourite new shows to catch up on.

Not quite a new year, but certainly a new outlook.

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