The Resident sits down with the founder of Greenwich Fitness & Performance, Adam Ringshall, to find out how you can achieve your personal goals…

How has the fitness industry changed since your early days of working in it?
The fitness industry has exploded in the past ten years and it’s only growing more and more with each passing year, both in size and popularity. The biggest change I would have to say is the amount of information readily available to everyone and anyone, particularly online. This is both a good thing and a challenge. It’s good because for those who want to, they can find the answers and the information they need to get results. The challenge is, with so much information available, it can become overwhelming, which leaves a lot of people confused about what to do. The good news is more people are exercising, training and investing in themselves than ever before.

Can you keep fit by doing relatively small workouts every other day?
Absolutely. Short, intense, efficient workouts are often most productive, particularly for busy people.

For those looking to join Greenwich Fitness & Performance, what would you offer members?
We have several membership options for potential clients, depending on the level of support they desire and require, including gym memberships, group personal training, monthly coaching and of course, one-to-one personal training.

Do you buy into ‘trends’?
Fitness trends come and go. Certain fundamentals are timeless, proven and here to stay. We practice what works and what produces results, period.

Have any so-called trends over the past decade actually had staying power?
Freeweight strength training will ALWAYS be the most efficient, effective and productive form of exercise, training and working out, offering more benefits, results and return on investment than any other form of exercise. All research proves this and that will never change!

Greenwich Fitness & Performance have the team and resources to help get you into shape

Greenwich Fitness & Performance have the team and resources to help get you into shape


Five tips for keeping the fitness momentum going beyond January,
courtesy of Greenwich Fitness & Performance founder, Adam Ringshall

1 Set a clearly defined goal that is both exciting and compelling. Write it down and be specific. The more specific your goal, the greater the chance of achieving it.

2 See yourself having achieved that goal, and thinking about the feelings of how you will feel when you look and feel at your best. Hold onto that vision and remind yourself of the end result every single day. Your imagination has immense power.

3 Celebrate the small victories. It’s all the small daily actions that add up to create the big wins. Every workout completed, every healthy meal eaten, every temptation avoided, should be recognised, acknowledged and appreciated.

4 Recognise the fact that no-one gets into great shape overnight. This is a process and it’s going to take time, not just weeks but months. Make a commitment from day one that you’re not going to give up on yourself and this time you’re in it for the long run.

5 Get the support you need. A coach, a trainer, a mentor can be an invaluable asset. There is tremendous power in accountability and having someone supporting you along the way. Invest in yourself and you will reap the rewards.

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