Fulham fashion designer Catriona Hanly creates a fusion of fairytales, sophisticated glamour and classic country looks. She’s got a knack for all things tweed, bringing the sophisticated staple into the 21st century with bold hues, plush velvets and silk

Inspired by all things French Renaissance, Hanly’s past and present collections feature heavy lace, intricate busy detailing, odes to Marie Antoinette and the Parisian way of life, as well as iconic British heritage pieces.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has even been spotted wearing her acclaimed Lough Rynn Tweed collection, a concoction of high quality tweed pieces that strike the perfect balance between being fashion forward but paired back at the same time.

While she’s now in love with the hustle and bustle of the Fulham area, Hanly hails from a family of hoteliers in Ireland and grew up around colossal, castle-like buildings and vast expanses of countryside.

‘I’ve been in the design business for many years, but started off in jewellery and then went into interior design,’ she explains.

I’m very inspired by antique French design and all things gothic

‘Creating jewellery took me all over the world and by the time I had got into interior design, I was absolutely just in love with fabrics. I’m very inspired by antique French design and all things gothic.’

Hanly is completely in sync with her clients, latching on to the move towards less, but better quality fashion pieces. She says that people ‘want that one stand out, refined jacket or blazer that will stand the test of time’.

Close friend, fellow Irish native and model Vogue Williams serves as the face of the Catriona Hanly brand, heading the Lough Rynn Tweed collection campaign and looking stunning in frilled black silk dresses, like something out of a dark glamour, old school Hollywood film.

With each collection, Hanly is reworking the idea of fairytales and princesses for grown ups, with subtle references to Alice in Wonderland, castles and Middle Eastern royalty. She strikes a balance between playfulness and elegance flawlessly, giving you a range of textures to marvel at with each piece.

Her Lough Rynn Tweed collection has an element of quirk and a touch of preppiness, along with a big dash of Mad Hatter style, while her Parisian collection is full of fluffy and delicate layers upon layers of lace. The Flower Power collection is all about silk and rich colour, along with busy floral patterns, something that transitions from winter through to spring and summer flawlessly.

Focussed on breaking the London fashion scene, Hanly has her work cut out, but armed with her driven, eccentric personality and meticulous eye for luxury fabrics and cuts that make everyone swoon, we’ll bet she’s about to hit the big time with her fashion house that’s fit for royalty.