Fitness: take up swimming
Keep warm and burn serious calories this winter by taking up swimming. According to, just 10 minutes of swimming the butterfly stroke will burn 135kcal, compared to running for 10 minutes at 6mph, which burns around 100kcal. For a simpler stroke, stick with a fast front crawl (135kcal) or breaststroke (122kcal). David Lloyd leisure centres in Kidbrooke and Beckenham both have pools with dedicated lanes for swimming, aqua aerobics classes and swimming lessons.

The pool at the Beckenham branch of David Lloyd

The pool at the Beckenham branch of David Lloyd

Skincare: get a radiant glow
Keep your skin glowing throughout the harsh winter with balance me’s Radiance Face Oil. It has eight oil extracts including Camelia and Rosehip Oils, alongside the healing blend of Yarrow and Benzoin and English Chamomile, to hydrate the skin, boost plumpness and enhance radiance. Just massage in two drops before moisturising. £30 (30ml).
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Wellbeing: boost your ‘internal fire’
Keep yourself toasty with ginger, honey and lemon tea. Ginger has thermogenic properties that increase heat in the body, stimulating the metabolism and promoting blood flow. Add three cubes of ginger to boiling water with a slice of lemon and a spoonful of Manuka honey.


Brighten up your kit  
Brighten up the dark winter mornings with the Oranges wash bag (£29.50) by East Dulwich-based Rosa & Clara Designs. Made in Britain from PVC-coated cotton and lined with waterproof nylon, it’s perfect to stash your beauty essentials on trips to the gym (or pool). Buy online at

Survive the party season: 10 tips to Beat the Christmas Bloat

1 Peppermint tea: Make your own bloat-busting drink by adding a few drops of essential peppermint oil into warm water with fresh lime to help relax the digestive tract and reduce IBS symptoms.

2 Body brushing: Our skin is the largest organ of elimination, so it’s important to keep it clear and help it expel toxins. Dry body brushing before you shower helps the movement of lymph fluids.

3 Probiotics: Sugary foods and alcohol can exacerbate troublesome tummies. A daily probiotic like Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Critical Care (£36.99) lines the stomach with ‘friendly’ bacteria to support healthy gut function.

4 Watercress: Add it to your salads as it helps to ward off free radicals and stimulates cleansing enzymes in the liver which plays a major role in detoxification in the body. 

5 Watermelon: Due to its high water content, watermelon has a natural diuretic property, promoting regularity for a healthy digestive tract. Watermelon also contains potassium which rids the body of excess sodium, helping to relieve water retention and bloating.

6 Chew: When we rush down food we’re more likely to swallow excess air which can cause a build up of stomach gas. Slowing down to enjoy each bite means less air is going into the stomach, helping to avoid indigestion and bloating. Indigestion and bloating can also be a sign of enzyme deficiency, so try taking a digestive enzyme with meals like DigestMORE (£19.99), which contains nine different enzymes with healing herbs and amino acids to soothe and protect the digestive tract.


7 Work out: Physical activity helps air bubbles pass through your digestive tract quicker, so that bloated feeling will disappear faster than if you’re lounging about.

8 Relax: Stress has been shown to reduce the levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut which can upset the digestion process. Banish the bloat by incorporating relaxation into your daily routine, such as yoga, reading a book or taking a bath with lavender oil before bed.

9 Fibre: Fibre acts like a sponge that mops up fat and toxins for removal from the body, as well as assisting with healthy bowel functioning to help you digest the large amounts of food and drink consumed over the festive period effectively. Good sources of fibre include fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and nuts, or try Renew Life’s FibreSMART powder (£14.99), a dietary fibre supplement that supports the intestinal tract lining and enhances the body’s cleansing processes by absorbing toxins and eliminating them from the system. Try sprinkling on your cereal or adding to yoghurt.

10 Sleep: With long days at work, evenings spent gift shopping and social events to attend, it’s important to make sure that you are still getting enough sleep, which can help reduce stress. A lack of sleep has also been linked with weight gain because it increases the production of hunger hormones.

Renew Life products are available at various health food stores including Whole Foods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Nutri Centre and Revital