Kat Hopps tests the luxurious beauty products, containing Barbary Fig Oil, in a facial at Fenwick, Bond Street

Barbary fig oil, extracted from a cactus plant prevalent in Morocco, is having its moment in the beauty spotlight. Richer than Argan oil, it is packed full of vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, and is currently exclusive to the Willow Organic Beauty brand. I tested its benefits with a facial at Fenwick.

Therapist Sarah Cordier took me through a soothing routine, first hydrating my dry skin with the use of the Gentle Cleansing Balm, £38, that combines Babary Fig Oil and the cooling properties of Comfrey and Marigold, followed by the Deeply Hydrating Toner, £24.

Super Oil Serum, Willow Organic Beauty

Super Oil Serum, £75

I then received a gentle exfoliating massage that drew out all the impurities of my city-stressed skin and was given a super oil serum with an intoxicating scent that was quickly absorbed, instantly soothing and rejuvenating the surface of my face. The Advanced Anti-Ageing Cream Mask, £56, and Intense Repair Cream,£74, added the final touches. I was amazed at how soft and dewy the range left my skin; after a six hour sleep, it was still looking radiant.

The products have attained organic Soil Association certification to guarantee that only the highest quality organic products are used and you can feel the difference. I’m normally a bit of a sceptic with new products, but this range is definitely a keeper.