Feel rejuvenated this January at Fare Healthy, a one day collaborative festival at Paradise, with some of the hottest experts in healthy eating and exercise

If the excesses of December are already leaving you bloated, unfit and miserable ahead of January, a one-off event at Paradise by way of Kensal Green on 24 January is set to change all that. Bringing together a number of experts from the worlds of exercise, meditation, and healthy eating, including Natasha Corrett, and Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, it aims to help anyone who wants to shape up or change their lifestyle for the better. We speak to some of the participants about their areas of expertise…

Peardrop London
Rose Lloyd Owen

Rose Lloyd Owen hopes people with a mix of lifestyles will come along to Fare Healthy

Rose Lloyd Owen, founder of catering company Peardrop London, and curator of the Fare Healthy event

What inspired you to curate Fare Healthy?
I loathe January: everybody moans about how much they ate and spent – and there’s nobody to have a glass of wine with! January is the time to inspire people, to encourage flagging resolutions and give people something positive to look forward to.

Who is it aimed at?
Bring your children, your boyfriends, your Mum – anyone who may want to have a healthier year or lifestyle. Whether you’re a full-on raw vegan, gluten intolerant or you’ve never clapped eyes on a chia seed in your life, everyone is welcome.

What happens on the day?
Once you buy a ticket, you can book into the most popular events. The food, juices, healthy cocktails and shopping will run all day, with demos from the Hemsleys at 11.30, Ella at 2.30pm and Honestly Healthy at 4.30pm. Downstairs, Peardrop will be doing some warm salads and veggie burgers as well as Qnola, Pearl & Groove, plus there will be dancing upstairs.

What do you hope attendees will gain?
Eating well and exercising regularly shouldn’t be about dieting and vanity; it’s about looking after ourselves in order to feel happy, strong and positive. In this modern age, with unprecedented access to the lives of others, we put too much pressure on ourselves to overachieve and have it all…. healthy eating and regular exercise helps to straighten out our anxieties and allay our misgivings.

What new Peardrop recipes have you got?
I love sprouts! Cut them in half and fry them on a high heat in balsamic vinegar and pomegranate molasses, soak some dried figs in port and mix with crispy bacon, pomegranate seeds and toasted hazelnuts – yum!

Nama Foods
Rich and Irene from Nama Foods

Rich and Irene from Nama Foods

Irene Arango and Rich Havardi, founders of vegan raw food restaurant Nama Foods

Why did you start Nama Foods?
Nama Foods was created out of a passion for healthy and delicious food, designed to nourish the senses and revitalise the body. We have both enjoyed massive positive benefits from a number of years of a raw vegan lifestyle and felt setting up a raw food café was the right way to go.

Have you converted many sceptics?
We have. Often we notice the husband or boyfriend of a lady who thinks they aren’t into this type of food: they are sceptical when they arrive – but before long they are pleasantly surprised. Sometimes we have converts after one meal!

What’s new on the menu right now?
We have launched a number of specials, in particular pumpkin pie and chocolate and orange cake. Savoury specials that are coming soon include cannelloni, pad Thai and some winter soups, plus we plan to launch cold pressed cocktails and tapas.

What kind of dishes will you be serving at Fare Healthy?
We are still planning but potentially dishes like courgette linguini with pomodoro sauce, beetroot ravioli with fermented nut cheese, Mexican inspired salad and cakes.

What kind of message do you hope attendees will take away?
Raw vegan food does not have to be restrictive or only suited to certain people. At its heart, it is just organic, fresh and clean food full of flavour and able to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

Skinny Bitch Collective (SBC)
Russell Bateman

Russell Bateman, founder of lifestyle regime SBC

Russell Bateman, founder of lifestyle regime Skinny Bitch Collective

What is the Skinny Bitch Collective’s approach to exercise?
It’s an elusive and (exclusive some say) collective workout which runs in London and now New York City. It’s a human-based workshop designed to throw you as far away from your comfort zone as possible. Boredom becomes the enemy. At SBC you’ll find supermodels and actresses crawling around trying to smack each others posteriors and doing upside down burpees. There’s no class like it.

You work with a lot of naturally skinny models: how can us mere mortals compete?
I felt I could utilise the same skillset and protocols in anyone to illicit a change in how women thought about training and nutrition. It’s not just for supermodels! The SBC is sexy to look at but the moral of the story is grounded on the right way to approach your body.

Your classes are renowned for being really intense. Could you push yourself too far?
As long as girls get as far away from their comfort zone as possible that’s the main thing. It’s tough and you do have to be fit to do the class but that’s what sets this apart from other regimes.

What’s the one thing we should all every day do to get into shape?
Sleep well: it’s the key to performance, mood, repair and fat loss; it’s mother nature’s elixir

 Are you excited to be involved with Fare Healthy?
Yes.. it’s such an empowering group of health warriors on show.

Which celebrities are you currently training?
Everyone’s a celebrity in my mind, but you might see a few of my more famous faces at this event.

 Tickets £17. UPDATE: the first wave of tickets have already sold out and tickets go back on sale on 1 January 2015 with more sessions from Deliciously Ella, Skinny Bitch Collective, FRAME and Mischa Varmuza Yoga. Paradise by Way of Kensal Green, 19 Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green W10 4AE;