Matt Roberts, one of the UK’s leading personal trainer and a best-selling fitness author, has honed the famous physiques of Tom Ford, John Galliano, The Saturdays, Mel C and more. Here, he tells us how the fitness industry has changed since launching his first eponymous one-to-one training club 20 years ago

How has the fitness industry changed since your early days of working in it?
The fitness industry has gone from being a ‘big box’ membership club approach to being something that is far more diverse, niche and fluid than it ever used to be. When I started the first one-to-one training club in Europe, in London in 1996, it was an utterly revolutionary approach. Now, consumers want choice – lots of it! There are a greater number of niche clubs offering PT, yoga, Pilates, spinning and more than ever before.

Are we more aware of being fit and healthy these days?
Fitness is mainstream in terms of our consciousness about our own wellbeing. It is also mainstream in terms of competing in a multitude of events (triathlons, Tough Mudder, cycle rides, etc) and not just for the super-fit, everyone is doing it! We live for longer and we know that we can enjoy living for longer.

Can you keep fit by doing relatively small workouts every other day?
Yes you can. You need to be hitting an ‘overload’ level for 15-20 minutes, 5-6 days per week, as a minimum. So, you might not workout for long, but it needs to be pushing you, and then you get the returns.

For those looking to join your Mayfair or Kensington & Chelsea clubs, what would these offer members?
We have beautiful facilities, bespoke designed for our training service. We have amazing Personal Trainers who work for the company. We don’t use freelancers – our team are our team and they know how we work inside-out. We deliver fabulous results and our ‘442’ weight-loss programme is an amazing eight week plan that is guaranteed to change your body.



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