The British fashion label Isabelle Fox has taken up residency in Notting Hill this month. Founded by designer Isabelle Waring, the brand boasts elegant British classics inspired by fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn

Rising London-based design star Isabelle Waring founded her online fashion brand, Isabelle Fox, in 2016 to bring all things Edie Sedgwick, Jean Shrimpton, Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth to females everywhere.

Waring’s grandmother – named Marie Fox – was a couture trained seamstress and her lifetime’s work inspired Waring to bring back the iconic looks of Hollywood’s female leading ladies from the past.

Waring’s fashion offering is a mix of fitted waists, longer hemlines, exquisite cuts and flattering necklines, as well as a dash of subtle youthful twists. She uses the traditional techniques taught to her by her grandmother to make each collection, perfecting vintage styles with modern, playful touches.

Riding the wave of slow fashion in a bid to get the masses investing in pieces they will keep forever and pass down, Waring is committed to creating investment pieces that transition well from the office to the bar and can also be dressed down as weekend casuals, more importantly, they don’t leave your pockets feeling starved.

Proudly, each Isabelle Fox collection is made in England with fabrics not being sourced from anywhere outside of Europe. So for those that find it hard to balance their love for seamless, refined design with their desire to purchase in a less wasteful, more environmentally friendly way, browse Waring’s chic designs at the Notting Hill pop-up this week or hop online.

The Isabelle Fox pop-up will be at 12 Needham Road W11 2RP until 30 April 2017. See