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The Easy At-Home Covid Test that Offers a Fit-to-Fly Certificate

Need a fast, reliable Covid-19 test that offers a fit-to-fly certificate for negative results? You’ve just found it…

FitnessGenes, based at Bicester Innovation Centre, which usually offers DNA testing for fitness purposes, has now started offering Covid tests in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus. 

The test is a PCR saliva ‘spit’ test, as opposed to the NHS’ swab test, so instead of inserting a long swab into the nostrils and the back of the throat, saliva is put into a sample pot.

The sample pot is then returned to FitnessGenes’ UKAS-accredited laboratory for analysis and results are delivered via text within 12-36 hours of receipt at the lab.

The easy at home Covid test with fit-to-fly certificate: FitnessGenes Covid-19 test

FitnessGenes’ at home Covid-19 test

Because it is non-invasive, the saliva test – which costs £99 but is reduced to £79 for The Resident readers – is a more comfortable experience than swab testing, especially for children, the elderly and those with special needs. 

FitnessGenes also offers a testing option regardless of whether or not you have Covid symptoms, and can be done at home. This makes it ideal for those with symptoms who don’t wish to go outdoors, and also those who have come into contact with a person who has tested positive and want reassurance that they haven’t contracted the virus themselves.

‘With the FitnessGenes Covid test, you’ll also get a downloadable fit-to-fly certificate’

Additionally, people looking to travel are now required to show that they have a negative Covid test result, and with the FitnessGenes Covid test, you’ll get a downloadable fit-to-fly certificate. 

Analysis for detection of the viral RNA is the same as that used by the NHS swab method of testing – the gold-standard PCR test – which means it has both a higher sensitivity (98.4%) and specificity (98.9%) than other types of COVID test, such as LAMP or lateral flow testing. 

The FitnessGenes Covid test costs £99, but The Resident readers can get £20 cashback by emailing quoting RESIDENT and your order number after purchase. To book your Covid test, see