6 of the Best Pieces of Home Workout Equipment

As lockdown drags on and the gym seems further from reach than ever, it’s time to commit to your home workout regime with some of the best home workout equipment out there, from spin bikes to rowing machines and balance boards

Lead image: Apex Rides

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1 Apex Rides
The at-home exercise bike has really taken off during lockdown, but finding a stylish addition to your home can be tricky. Apex Rides offers a premium quality spin bike that looks good but is reasonably priced, entering the market as a sleek, stylish disruptor at just £1,200 (or £30 in monthly instalments). The bike utilises the latest at-home cycle technology, with a lightweight, ergonomic design featuring sweat-proof coating and the option of clip-in peddles. Riders can access Apex’s array of fitness classes and tailored workouts via the app (designed with their studio partner Boom Cycle) with live leaderboards so that you can pit yourself against other virtual riders (a great motivator!). The bike, which is available in four colours – navy, white, black and nude – has had excellent reviews from the likes of Forbes and Vogue. Plus, new users can currently take advantage of a month’s free trial of the Apex app, offering instant access to thousands of live and on-demand classes at no extra cost.

At-home spin bike: Apex Rides is cheaper than Peleton, look stylish in the home and come with online classes

Apex Rides’ bikes look stylish in the home and have the option of live classes

2 Technogym Skillrow
Technogym redesigned its wellness concept space at Harrods in Knightsbridge last year, and while you can’t visit the interactive space at the moment, you can, of course, still buy the equipment online. Check out the Personal Line, a complete selection of cardio and power products such as Bike Personal, Cross Personal and the Run Personal treadmill, created in collaboration with furniture designer and architect Antonio Citterio, built to sit handsomely in the home without wrecking your aesthetic. But it’s the Technogym Skillrow we’ve got our eye on. Rowing benefits all muscle groups, strengthening shoulders, arms and back muscles, as well as the glutes and hamstrings. It will also improve the strength and tone of your core muscles, keeping you strong and well balanced. Plus, you can utilise Mywellness platform, which delivers wellness content and training programmes on Technogym smart equipment as well as your personal device. Guide price, £3,490.

Best at-home gym equipment: The Technogym Skillrow rowing machine challenges all muscle groups

Challenge all muscle groups with the sleek, stylist Technogym Skillrow

3 Eleiko Home Gym Packages
As well as selling individual gym products, Eleiko also offers four tailored home gym packages, ranging from Athletic to Performance to cater for various training needs. Prices start from £3,029 for the Athletic package, a set of easily portable training equipment including kettlebell and dumbbell sets, resistance bands and a squat rack. At the top end of the spectrum is the Performance package. Priced at a princely £7,289, this one is for serious lifting at home. This robust half rack has a pull-up bar and dip station, as well as kettlebell and dumbbell sets, resistance bands and a set of 190kg performance weights. Eleiko has also partnered with Barbells for Boobs to offer limited-edition barbell discs in blue and pink to support their mission to improve the quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer (£1,983).

Home Gym Kits: Eleiko offers four tailored home gym packages catering for various training needs

Eleiko offers four tailored home gym packages catering for various training needs

4 KARVE ‘Transformer’ Pilates
According to ClassPass, machine-based Pilates workouts have increased by 39% over the last year. Building on this, KARVE founder Yulia Pashevkina has developed Pilates-based workouts centered on building slow-twitch muscle fibres to increase body strength and drive the metabolism. Classes follows a sequence of resistance-based, mindful movements that are amplified to ensure transformational results, hence ‘transformer Pilates’ – set to be 2021’s hottest new workout. Of course, most of this relies on the use of a bulky reformer machine, and while you can buy one of these for your home for just over £1,000 (try align-pilates.com), KARVE – which is poised to launch a studio in Kensington once the Covid restrictions let up – has launched an ON Demand at-home service that utilises a simple set of sliding plates and resistance bands. Targeting specific areas of the body, the library of signature high-intensity, low-impact workouts cover abs, legs, upper body, cardio burn workouts and more, complete with stretching, meditation and mindfulness sessions. Sign up now for a free seven-day KARVE On Demand trial.


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5 NOHrD Eau-Me Board
If you want to improve your core, this innovative piece of tech will help you do it. The NOHrD Eau-Me Board is a new-generation balance board boasting a patented combination of classic balance training with the unpredictability of moving water. With a continually shifting base – even a slight movement will cause the water to shift – it ensures you target deeper muscle groups to keep your balance, not just the peripherals. Suitable for anyone from elite athletes to complete beginners, the board’s versatility can improve the effectiveness of training exercises such as squats, sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups. From £269, depending on the wood finish you opt for, from John Lewis.

Water balance boards: The NOHrD Eau-Me Board is a next-level balance board to help you create a solid core

The NOHrD Eau-Me Board is a next-level balance board to help you create a solid core

6 The Ex-Belt
Another one for those who don’t have the space, or the desire, for big bulky equipment, this natty little invention simply combines resistance bands with a belt. Just feed the resistance bands – available in different strengths – through the loops on the belt, clip the belt around your waist, and off you go. You can incorporate it into your existing workouts, adding resistance when running, boxing or even moving through planks, or follow the specially-devised workout videos. In fact it was running – combined with the lockdown frustration of not being able to get to the gym – that inspired Ex-Belt’s invention. Tom Miles, on furlough from his work as a surveyor, wanted to get an upper body workout while running, since he had no weights at home. A call to his father Alex, a renowned product designer, and the idea for the resistance band belt was born. The product can increase calorie burn by up to 30%, and has received praise from athletes including professional boxer Lee Selby and British Olympian Conrad Williams. From £20.

Home workout kit: The Ex-Belt is a smart, minimalist piece of kit that you can work into your existing regime

The Ex-Belt is a smart, minimalist piece of kit that you can work into your existing regime