Are You a Gym Commitment-Phobe?

Are we becoming a nation of gym commitment-phobes? Despite recent reports revealing that the UK health and fitness industry is booming*, the nation’s love affair with the gym could be coming to an end. But there is another way to keep your fitness on track…

GoSweat, the online sports marketplace that allows you to search and book nearby fitness activities, reports that the drop in popularity of traditional pay-monthly gyms is likely down to a backlash against pricey membership fees and lengthy contracts.

Brits waste a staggering amount of money every year on unused gym memberships – a recent poll of 1,000 gym members found that 11% said that, despite paying an average of £47 a month – that’s £564 a year on a gym membership – they hadn’t gone**.

But there’s a rising trend for more unique ways of keeping fit, which is where online booking platforms like GoSweat come in. With no membership fees or strings-attached, you can discover and book nearby sport and fitness activities at the click of a button.

Search by day, price, time, review and distance for the best, activities to suit you, and with thousands of weekly activities to choose from, there’s plenty to keep that motivation up.

Gone are the days of simply just going to a gym and plodding away for hours on the treadmill

‘Gone are the days of simply just going to a gym and plodding away for hours on the treadmill,’ said GoSweat Co-Founder Stephanie Newport-Booth. ‘Our customers want to discover different types of workouts, and that’s exactly why we have created GoSweat.

‘We’re bombarded with offers for health and fitness memberships which can ask for a lot of money and commitment up front – but it’s become outdated – and quite frankly it’s off-putting for millions of people looking for ways to be active.

‘The good news is that we make discovering sports simple, so anyone can find any sport, at any time. Our handy search tool even highlights the providers offering a Free Trial, giving our users the opportunity to “try before you buy”.’

*Delloite: The Consumer Tracker Q1, 2018
**Study by Banana Moon, 2017