Petersham Nurseries Launches Urban School of Garden Inspiration

As Petersham Nurseries launches the Urban School of Garden Inspiration at its new Covent Garden site, Head of Horticulture Thomas Broom-Hughes shares some of his top tips on indoor plants and how to style them

Words: Emily Manson & Victoria Purcell

The Urban School of Garden Inspiration is in addition to the School of Garden Inspiration that runs at Petersham Nurseries’ Richmond site, a 360-degree programme of workshops and masterclasses that encompass horticultural creativity, learning and guidance for both the experienced and novice gardener.

‘These new classes are a lot more to do with floristry and how to create beauty within your home with cut flowers and displays, but in a Petersham way,’ says Head of Horticulture, Thomas Broom-Hughes. ‘It’s all about being inspired. We’re not just talking at you, we’re there to inspire you.’

upcoming GARDENING Classes, 2018

Urban School of Garden Inspiration, Covent Garden

Spring Floral Bounty – The Petersham Way
Wednesday 30 May from 10.30am-12.30pm, £150

Arranging With Edible Flowers – The Petersham Way
Tuesday 12 June from 10.30am-12.30pm, £150

Autumn Wreath Making
Wednesday 26 September from 10.30am-12.30pm, £150


School of Garden Inspiration, Richmond

Spring Kokedama 
Tuesday 17 April from 11am–1pm, £55

Stylish Summer Containers
Friday 11 May from 11am–12.30pm, £30

Stenciling with Nature (part of London Craft Week) 
Saturday 12 May from 10.30am–12.30pm, £70

Edible Flowers
Friday 15 June from 11am-4.30pm, £150

All events can be booked at

Thomas Broom-Hughes’
Indoor Plant Styling Tips

  1. Go for the garden gathered look: It’s very much ‘the Petersham way’ to have a lot of one type of flower in a vase, as ‘people want this sort of effortless style that’s relaxing, but also stylish, so it looks like it’s thrown together, yet still looks chic.’
  2. This spring it’s all about cherry blossoms: ‘Bringing cherry blossom into the home is a great way to create drama as well as enjoying their wonderful scent.’
  3. Make the most of nature’s bumps and kinks: ‘If there’s a misshapen stem or branch, let it dominate the arrangement and allow it to shine.’
  4. Think about the style of your property: ‘If you have a modern property or style, go for something structural and a big statement plant rather than something dainty. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is very “Elle Decoration” or Kentia palms are also very popular.’
  5. Embrace the trend for cacti and succulents: ‘It seems to be a generation rent favourite, as they’re striking but low maintenance and can cope with neglect!’
  6. Terrariums and kokedama – the moss ball alternative to hanging baskets – are also very en vogue in the indoor plant world right now
Gardening workshops in London: Petersham Nurseries launches its Urban School of Garden Inspiration at the Covent Garden site

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