Perfect Office Set Ups, Zoom Fails & SNACKS! #WFH Successes & Failures

Let’s be honest, there was once a time when working from home sounded like a dream. We thought it would mean 08.55 alarms, aesthetic breakfasts, immaculate desks, lunchtime workouts and sky-high productivity levels – but one week into coronavirus-induced self-isolation and it seems it ain’t that easy…

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To keep our spirits up, we’ve compiled a list to explain everything you need to know about #wfh, including our favourite memes, tweets and Instas so far.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to find yourself a good working set-up. This isn’t always easy if you don’t have a separate study area or dining table, but it’s key to have a space that feels organised, calm and comfortable.

There are lots of handy fold-away desks available online that won’t break the bank, such as this one from Argos – pop it up in your bedroom or living room, and then stow it away once the day’s work is done.


If you’re in search of some desk-inspiration (#deskspo!), we spied these #wfh snaps on Instagram and we are obsessed… although let’s be honest, who’s desk actually stays this aesthetically-pleasing? We can’t even see our desks for paperwork and half-finished cups of tea, but hey, this is the vibe we’re aiming for:


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Pets x WFH

If you’ve got a dog, they’ll no doubt be very pleased by the fact that you’re at home all the time now, so prepare for them to be your new and improved colleague (cats, perhaps less so, but we’re loving all the photos of #CatsOnLaptops).

To our delight, we found an Instagram account dedicated to dogs working from home. Scroll through to see some very hard-working, very good boys…


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Another thing we’ve learnt about working from home is that we’re hungry, ALL the time. Why is that? We’re not this hungry in the office?

Perhaps the proximity of the fridge and biscuit tin doesn’t help (we’re desperately trying to keep our hands off the nephews’ Easter eggs right now), but this tweet seems to sum it all up:


However, the good thing about working from home is that you’ve got a bit more time to put your culinary skills to the test. Get creative with your lunches and set aside the time to make something nutritious and healthy, or prepare something the night before.

If you’re in need of inspiration, we recommend turning to Hazel Wallace’s (aka The Food Medic) Instagram. She specialises in lunch-box friendly creations like this one:


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For some vegan, breakfast inspo, Deliciously Ella is our go-to:


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at home workouts

It’s also crucial to find the time to get some fresh air and exercise, whether it’s first thing in the morning, on your lunch break or once you’ve finished work for the day.

Gyms are of course now closed, but fortunately Instagram is awash with home-workouts that can be done from your garden or living room. Personal Trainers such as Alice Liveing have lots of good ideas. And if you’re not doing PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube every morning, are you even WFH?

Many people are also offering online yoga and Pilates sessions, which is a great idea for taking your mind off everything and getting some much-needed head space. Shona Vertue is running a number of classes on her YouTube channel, for example:


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Oh the joys of video conferences. Whether it’s via Zoom, Skype or Teams, they are a great way to check-in with people and remind us that we are part of a team, but seeing your colleagues’ faces beamed into your living room (and in turn, knowing they can see you in your working from home state – an old t-shirt, scruffy hair, zero make-up and all – takes a bit of getting used to. This meme is definitely us:


If you’re one of the many people balancing working from home with home-schooling your kids, we salute you. Keeping up with co-workers is one thing, but doing that while teaching maths and making the kids lunch at the same time is something else entirely.

Remember that ICONIC BBC interview back in 2017? That’s all of us now.


And finally, if you’re in search of some time sensitive email sign-offs (because the standard ‘Hope you’re well’ and ‘Have a great weekend!’ don’t seem quite right at the moment) try one of these new classics that we spotted on Facebook, from ‘Quarantined regards’ to ‘Sent from my living room’:

Working from home might not be quite as easy as we’d imagined, but hey, we’ve got this everyone…


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