Matthew Williamson Launches Summer Living Edit with Vinterior

Award-winning British interior designer Matthew Williamson has teamed up with vintage and antique furniture specialists Vinterior to create a shoppable summer edit 

Antiques and vintage furniture are not only a great way to create a truly unique style for your home, it’s also a much more sustainable pursuit.

But tracking down the right pieces has always been a time-consuming affair, requiring countless trips to vintage and antiques fairs.

To help solve this problem, Sandrine Zhang Ferron founded Vinterior, a contemporary online marketplace that celebrates tradition and craftsmanship.

Pulling together a vintage interior design scheme, however, is still a tricky process that requires a good eye, since you can’t simply shop the whole collection. So a little help from one of Britain’s best designers is hugely helpful.

‘If you buy one thing for your home this season make it an antique. Full of history, unique to you and sustainable’

Award-winning British interior designer Matthew Williamson, celebrated for his eclecticism and vivid use of colour, launched his second edit for Vinterior on 6 July, and this time, perhaps contrary to the image of antiques as deep, rich, mahogany pieces, it’s all about the brighter, lighter days of summer.

‘Think of a holiday destination you love. Bringing touches reminiscent of your trip to a room will increase the summer living feel and make it more personal to you,’ says Williamson.

‘Summer, as a season and for all its glorious connotations, has been something of an association for my designs throughout my career, so this edit resonates with me most intensely.’

Known for his playful frivolity, Williamson is also respectful of craftsmanship, making him perfectly placed to pioneer an aesthetic of rustic decadence in the home.

‘If you buy one thing for your home this season make it an antique,’ he says. ‘Full of history, unique to you and sustainable.’

Matthew Williamson x Vinterior
The Summer Living Edit Highlights

Go green: Buying vintage and antique furniture is not only a greener and more sustainable way to furnish your home, the colour green itself is bang on trend…

Rattan: Nothing says summer like rattan, and Williamson has picked out some key pieces for your summer house, garden or conservatory.

Let there be light: Lighting is paramount in homes, and when the lighter nights of summer finally fade, light up those gloomy colours with lamps and showy pendants.

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