Learn How to Make Your Own Terrariums

As Londoners go plant potty and terrariums trend on Instagram, it’s time to get a little green fingered at one of London’s new terrarium workshops

Experts from Heron Hawker, London-based terrarium and indoor plant specialists, are heading to Capital Gardens to offer open terrarium workshops at Neal’s Nurseries Capital Gardens, Wandsworth, on Tuesday March 20 and Alexandra Palace Capital Gardens on Thursday 22 March 2018.

During the workshop you’ll get the chance to learn how a terrarium works, how the beautiful self-contained ecosystems survive, how to create your own and how to care for them.

Terrarium workshops in London: Learn with Capital Gardens and Heron Hawker

Learn how to make your own terrarium with Capital Gardens and Heron Hawker

After a bit of design inspiration, you’ll be guided through the essentials before being set you free to use the materials to craft either a dessert, rocky or jungle style landscape.

You’ll leave with your own terrarium, a care guide, a watering pipette and a Capital Gardens privilege card with £5 credit on it.

Terrarium workshops run from 7pm-9pm and tickets are £28pp, including all materials. Click here to book for Neal’s Nurseries Capital Gardens and here for Alexandra Palace Capital Gardens