Try Before You Buy with John Lewis’ New VR Interior Design Experience

Not sure if that sofa’s going to work in your lounge? Want to try a bold new look but don’t have the confidence? John Lewis & Partners is trialing a new virtual reality experience to help you visualise new products in your home

The sofa’s beautiful, and in just the right colour, but is it really the final piece of your interior design puzzle?

Or perhaps you want to try a bold new look, but don’t quite have the confidence to go for it? Let’s face it, picturing the scene in your head leaves a rather large margin for error.

To help you build a more accurate picture, John Lewis & Partners is to trial a new virtual reality experience called Visualise Your Space.

Simply pop the dimensions of your room, the doors and the windows into an iPad via an app, and then drop in John Lewis products to see how they would look in their home.

Then, guided by John Lewis Partners, you’ll be able to step into a 3D room set wearing a virtual reality headset and take a ‘walk around’ to see how everything fits.

If that’s all a bit too much, you can simply explore your new interiors as a 3D room set in augmented reality on the iPad.

‘This new technology enables customers to be braver in their choices and test technology that architects and interior designers use’

You’ll also be able to change the colour of the walls and floors to create a complete look, and afterwards, you’ll be emailed a copy of the room you created with shoppable links.

‘Designing a new look for a room can be a lot of fun and a chance to express our personalities,’ says Caitlin Price, John Lewis Partner and Head of Buying for Furniture and Flooring.

‘However, customers tell us that uncertainty about what new products will look like in their home can make the decision making hard, and in many cases people revert to the safer tones of grey or beige furnishings.

‘This new technology will enable customers to be braver in their choices, and test technology that architects and interior designers have been using to visualise their designs.’

The technology has been developed by the US-based design and 3D-visualisation company Marxent and will be trialed at John Lewis & Partners’ Kingston shop on 26 June 2019, in Cambridge on 28 June and in Horsham on 2 July.