Take a look around two lavish London apartments designed by Irina Townsend from Keir Townsend who is nominated for the International Design & Architecture Awards (Living Space UK category) for her clever design ideas that made the small spaces look bigger

The first is an apartment in Queensgate, London. The original layout of the apartment appeared uncomfortably small so Irina changed it to create a functional bathroom and an open-plan kitchen within the main living space. ‘Art Object’ wall lights were also used to create an illusion of space and different mood settings. Add touches used to make the apartment seem bigger are the reflective doors in the kitchen, while fabric and copper leaf have been laminated into the sheets of glass to add further reflective qualities. Clever space solutions include the addition of the kitchen island, which doubles as a table and can comfortably seat 10. More clever storage solutions are used in the bathroom, for example the modern bathroom butler. 

In the second property, a flat in Kensington, Irina created more space for the small flat by knocking through the walls to make one open-plan room. Irina used a neutral palette on the surfaces, light tones in a variety of materials and textures to create a visual perception of space – polished plaster is a favourite as this material reflects light. Also in the kitchen, Irina made sure that every centimetre  of space is been cleverly utilized so that it doesn’t appear cluttered. The floor is tiled in textured ceramic tiles designed to look and feel like wood, providing a continuous practical flooring material that runs from the kitchen to the rest of the living areas, while monochrome colours and a variety of textures and finishes have been used to create a feeling of space in the relatively small bedroom.

Both homes have been shortlisted for International Design and Architecture Awards in Living Space UK category, which is judged by public votes. Show your support to Keir Townsend by voting for them here