West London has taken the furniture of Gautier to heart. Harvey Roberts, Managing Director of Gautier UK, explains why 

Talk about the perfect match. ‘West London is incredibly dynamic; it is characterised by its inhabitants’ passion for good design. This attitude to design in everyday life is also found in France and it is this shared passion and appreciation for great design that undoubtedly links the Gautier shop in West London with its discerning customers.’

The Dovea furniture range from Gautier

Harvey Roberts, Managing Director of Gautier UK, is considering the similarities between our part of town and the country where this acclaimed furniture brand originated. Founded in 1960 by Patrice Gautier, Westbourne Grove got its own Gautier store nigh on three years ago. ‘It is an amazingly dynamic location for a store with an eclectic mix of local retailers as well as a fantastic draw for customers from across the whole of West London,’ Harvey adds.

As we are looking at all things French in this issue, Gautier was a perfect stopping off point. Renowned initially for its children’s bedroom furniture, they also create amazing adult bedroom and living furniture ranges. Their latest collection, Dovea (pictured on this page), is a case in point, offering a complete bedroom furniture solution in three finishes: classic brown walnut, trendy grey walnut and modern white lacquer.

The Dovea furniture range from Gautier

‘The one thing that is shared throughout Gautier’s ranges is that they are modular,’ Harvey says on the company’s ‘look’. ‘It is therefore possible to find stylish solutions for the home, regardless of the property size.’

It’s a key point when comparing the UK’s design approach to France. ‘There are contrasts in the look and feel of French homes and those in the UK,’ Harvey considers, ‘due in part to the typically smaller UK homes. There are, however, also regional differences across France and indeed the UK; a London loft space will be as different from a Cornwall bolt-hole as a Parisian apartment.’

The Dovea furniture range from Gautier

Differences aside, West London appears to ‘get’ Gautier. ‘There is always genuine excitement from our customers when they first experience a new product and they immediately pick up on the unique design cues of each piece,’ Harvey enthuses. A match made in heaven.

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