Plan your kitchen carefully and it could last you a decade. Kara O’Reilly explains how to work around budget, design and trends to make sure you don’t go off your new kitchen design before the paint dries 

Before you start designing a new kitchen

If you are planning a kitchen revamp, do your research and have a sense of what you need before meeting with a kitchen designer. ‘It’s always helpful if the client knows what they do and don’t like, and if there are specific appliances that they would like incorporated into the design – such as a range cooker,’ says Robert Burnett, Head of Design at Holloways of Ludlow ( ‘Also think about how you use your kitchen and make sure the design matches your needs,’ advises Jamie Telford, Director of Roundhouse ( ‘For example, are you a serious cook who needs acres of prep space and robust work surfaces, or do you do a lot of entertaining and need a dedicated dining area?’

Timeless London kitchen ideas

A luxurious, slick kitchen by Holloways of Ludlow in a striking, high-gloss, Farrow & Ball off-black finish with a stained oak breakfast bar and Siemens appliances;

How to get more for your money when it comes to kitchen design

Think about how much you really want to spend and that way you will maximise what you get for your budget. ‘Pick a price and stick to it,’ says John Sims-Hilditch, co-founder of Neptune ( ‘Once you have your budget, look at what you want to achieve; will it require a complete revamp with building work? Generally, planning permission isn’t required when installing a kitchen unless it’s part of an extension or a listed property. You should also consider how long you plan on staying in your home – don’t spend all your savings on a kitchen you will only use for the next five years.’

‘Usually approximately 50% of the price of a kitchen is spent on cabinets; the rest is on appliances, worktops and installation – which will cost the same whatever the kitchen,’ adds Robert. Get your final quote in writing and make sure it includes labour and installation costs. Finally, ‘it’s always worth putting aside 20% of your budget to allow for margin of error,’ says John.

‘Although a bespoke kitchen is a significant outlay, an “off-the-shelf” kitchen may mean continual maintenance after a few years, just to keep it going,’ advises Jamie. ‘Remember that the kitchen is the most heavily used room of the house. It’s at the heart of the home, a social hub as well as a food factory.’

Timeless London kitchen ideas

This elegant Spitalfields kitchen by Plain English is truly timeless;

The benefits of a bespoke kitchen

Go bespoke and these specialist companies really can make your dream kitchen come to life. ‘For example, they won’t say no when a customer asks if their cabinets can extend to the ceiling or if they want the worktop to be 955mm high,’ says Robert. ‘A bespoke kitchen gets designed to make the best of all the available space. Also, there is no limit on the size of the cabinet, the shape of the cabinet, the colour or type of material. Clients simply end up with a much finer, more practical kitchen with greater storage capacity.’

Timeless London kitchen ideas

This Suffolk kitchen by Neptune epitomises modern country chic;

Current kitchen trends

‘With pressure on every inch of space in urban homes, combined with the desire for a large social area, open-plan kitchens with a large, multifunctional island are the most popular,’ says Jamie. ‘Classic, hand-painted, “in-frame” kitchens appear to be making a comeback, particularly in period properties,’ adds Robert. ‘When considering the colour of your kitchen, soft, neutral tones such as minks and blue-greys are timeless choices.’

‘Kitchens that display craftsmanship, functionality and are designed to be unique are more likely to withstand the test of the time, in the same way as a well-designed and crafted piece of furniture,’ Robert concludes.

Timeless London kitchen ideas

British Standard specialises in understated, timeless kitchen cupboards



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