Influencer Calculator Reveals How Much You Could Earn by Instagramming Your Home

It looks so easy, doesn’t it? Popping a few pics of your home on Instagram then sitting back and cashing in. But it’s not that easy…

Lead image: FeelPic / iStock / Getty Images Plus

First, you need a healthy following. Then your pictures have to be On. Point. Then you have to cater to the whims of potential clients – ‘up a bit, left a bit, could you just…’.

It’s still tempting though, isn’t it? A little side hustle courtesy of your immaculately designed home. But how much could you earn, exactly? Hundreds? Thousands? The eye-watering sums achieved by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner?

Well, a new online tool, launched by made-to-measure window dressings specialist, will help you calculate just how much your posts are worth and whether you can turn your a hobby into a full-time job as an interiors influencer.

‘Many people might be using their Instagram channels to share posts of their home, but don’t realise the money they could potentially earn from doing this,’ said Lucy Askew, spokesperson for

‘It is great to have a side project as well as your full-time job and this is a great tool to show people how much money they could potentially be making per post on Instagram.’

The ‘Influencer Calculator’ asks you to enter the number of followers you have on Instagram, and then, taking into account the average price per post influencers have been reported to make, calculates how much you could earn as an interior influencer.

Once you discover the amount you could be paid per post, the team then shares a list of popular interior influencers, with followers ranging from 19,000 to over 100,000, and shares tips on how to make your home more Instagrammable, from being crafty with props to mailing those crucial angles.

Intrigued? Find the Influencer Calculator here