Heal’s Unveils Immersive Living Roof Garden Installation

Now we all love a rooftop bar or terrace with gloriously lush, green plants and Instagrammable decor. But, lets face it, the crowds can be bothersome, so maybe its time to recreate the look at home?

Head for Heal’s, then, which has invited one of London’s leading roof terrace specialists, Urban Roof Gardens, to its Tottenham Court Road showroom to create an immersive rooftop experience for spring.

The team of architects, engineers, designers, horticulturalists and architectural specialists has collaborated with Heal’s to create a multi-sensory environment that connects you to the natural world, with a living wall tunnel, LivingPictures, illuminated decking and an astroturfed area.

Here, you can also check out Heal’s new SS19 outdoor collection, and update your exterior schemes with as much finesse as you would you interiors, because if this summer is anything like last, you’ll be spedding a lot of time out in your garden/on your rooftop terrace/tiny balcony.

Working on the principle of Biophilia, which states that humans are genetically bound to nature, Urban Roof Gardens believes that residents of urban settings need access to green spaces to improve wellness, psychological health and physical wellbeing.

The installation, running until 16 June 2019, will showcase Urban Roof Gardens’ innovative technology and creative processes to demonstrate how easily you can incorporate nature into your modern city dwellings.

‘There is currently a huge wave of interest in greening-up our cities, workspaces and homes – its about creating a healthy, sustainable and enriching environment’

‘There is currently a huge wave of interest in greening-up our cities, workspaces and homes, but at a personal level, this is much more than the aesthetics of planting, outdoor furniture and beautiful garden kitchens,’ says Pierre Wilter, CEO of Urban Roof Gardens.

‘Rather, it is about creating a healthy, sustainable and enriching environment – both inside and out. This is not only good for us urban dwellers, but more importantly for the environment.

Alongside the installation, Heal’s will co-host Ask the Architect days, when you can ask a specialist’s advice on your indoor and outdoor spaces in a 30-minute consultation. Find out more at heals.com