Another London Design Festival just whizzed past in a flash of colour, material, concept and chaos, here door experts Todds Doors relay the biggest trends that were seen at the design week and how you can get the look in your own home


1 Natural wood
Wood is always on trend, but some years you get a stronger inkling for a particular direction it’s taking. The key theme this year was natural and rustic, and nobody does this better than sustainable designer and craftsman Sebastian Cox (pictured above), who works with coppiced woods to create his handmade furniture. The collection shown was made for Benchmark.

Get the look: The Unfinished Shaker collection

Muted colour trend | LDF14 report | Todd Doors Image from Printblock

Muted colour trend by Printblock and The Conran Shop

2 Muted colours
The brights of summer are giving way to a more muted palette – think murky, muddier tones such as deep navy blues, browns and mustard. Sometimes these shades were offset with a brighter colour – as shown in Jennifer Phelan’s prints for Printblock (above, left) – and sometimes it was about keeping like with like – see The Conran Shop for ideas (above, right). Fashion Designer Jonathan Saunders shared his top tip for colour combining, which seemed to fit with this theme: Mix brights with down shades – i.e do the unexpected.

Get the look: Primed Doors collection and paint to suit 

 Ambrose-for-Heals-Leaning-wall-storage-Todd Doors Image from Heal’s

Ambrose for Heals, Leaning wall storage

3 Space saving ideas
A focus for many designers this year was capsule living, which translated into lots of clever, compact storage rails as a replacement for wardrobes – all of which would prompt you towards keeping a tight edit of clothing and away from any hoarding tendencies. Heal’s based its new Ambrose collection on space-saving ideas that can easily move with you and adapt over time – as shown in Leaning Wall by Kenneth Grange above. 

Get the look: Use doors featuring glass for increased light levels in small homes

Woven interiors trend | Industry Plus | Todd Doors

Woven interiors trend by Industry Plus

4 Woven
Woven pieces are everywhere, and not just on baskets, although yes there are plenty of those around. One of the biggest themes within this trend is to blend the traditional with the contemporary, so there was a lot of colour integrated with the woven objects we saw – from storage ideas to chairs and lighting, as seen in the gorgeous Gabbia lights by Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira, which combine bamboo, PVC and LED lights.

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