Get interior design inspiration for your kitchens with Cue & Co’s Charlie Borthwick. And find out why Cue & Co’s kitchens, lighting, furniture and interiors are held in such high esteem


Charlie Borthwick’s design reputation rests on a set of core beliefs that permeate all areas of his work and shape everything he does. Cue & Co of London is set in the creative heart of Parsons Green where metal forgers, jewellery designers and sculptors all work alongside each other — each with their own set of design values.

Charlie’s principles are simple, he puts the client at the forefront of any brief, and that is what makes them so effective as he explains here:


‘It’s the starting point to everything we do. How much do we have, how much can we use and how do we use it as cleverly as we can? We have heard it so many times, but space comes at a premium — so we don’t want to waste it but equally don’t want to destroy it through poorly thought through design. We think how we want to use the space and also consider the flow of light and the relationship between one room and the next. Design continuity is a powerful and effective tool.’


‘I think of it a bit like getting dressed. You start with what you have and you add layer upon layer. It shapes your identity and there is no reason why a kitchen or bathroom within a home can’t be an extension of this process. When I think of designing a kitchen, my feeling is that a beautifully simple design speaks of longevity and durability, but it is the additions such as colour, texture, pattern and materials that set it apart. Be bold and innovative — make it yours.’


‘It is those little final accents that refine and then lift the designs. Premium Perrin & Rowe taps in a bathroom or kitchen or a George Smith sofa next to one of our hand-crafted side tables just nudge it over the winning line!’

‘Made for you. Made here’

‘I have explained the ‘made for you’ but everything is made here too. Nothing is mass-produced, each piece is made on site using meticulous methods by our highly skilled craftsmen. It’s our stamp of distinction.’


Cue & Co of London, 020 7731 4728


***** Charlie Borthwick of Cue & Co answers The Resident’s questions about the design ethos for his new showroom in Parsons Green *****

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