AD FEATURE Expert Advice


A new sofa is a major investment and choosing the right one can be tricky. Fortunately, the experts at Old Boot have shared their top five tips for buying a new sofa

1 Make a statement
A leather Chesterfield sofa adds impact to any room and acts as an impressive centre piece. If you can afford to let your sofa breathe, allow plenty of space around it and don’t cramp its style with too much furniture. The beauty of leather sofas is that you can leave them plain to show off the individual character of the material or you can scatter cushions and throws to change the colour scheme and follow interiors trends.

2 Firm or squashy cushions?
You’ll sink into feather and down filled cushions, but when you get up, they’ll need plumping. Foam can be too firm and will compact over the years, so the ideal is a combination of foam core encased with feather and down topping. This gives you extra comfort and creates a slightly crumpled vintage look. They’ll also keep their shape better, no need for all that plumping.

3 Size matters
When choosing a sofa, a good tip is to mark out the area on the floor with masking tape or cut out the shape using old cardboard or newspapers and put it where you want the sofa to go. You can then stand back and see how well it fits. Taking it through a narrow hallway, turning it through a doorway or getting it up an awkward staircase can be problematic. So be sure to measure doorways, ceiling height (especially stair ceilings) and any turns you have to make. Then measure again to double check and then again just in case. If you are unsure, send some photos of the access or ask for advice. Don’t worry if you have restricted access, many companies like Old Boot have developed removable bolt-on arms that can solve the problem.

4 What about a test drive?
We all know there’s no substitute for sitting on and trying out a new sofa, after all you will spend quality time relaxing on it and you want it to be comfy and fit you just right. So do try and visit the showroom, but if you can’t and order online instead then don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, Old Boot will give you a full refund.

5 The benefit of sofa beds
Invaluable for putting up guests, sofa beds are great space savers – if they look more sofa than bed. A great sofa bed is hard to come by, especially one which combines both comfort and undeniable style, but leather Chesterfield sofa beds offer both, a comfortable bed disguised in a chic leather sofa. Plus there’s the added bonus of durability.