Miss Adams Helpers is one of London’s few eco-friendly cleaning companies that specialises in getting your home spotlessly clean using products that are good for the environment and good for you. Here its expert cleaners share why it’s so important to think natural when it comes to cleaning 


1  Improve your health

Using eco-friendly products is not only important for the environment, but also for your health. Most household cleaning products contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a dangerous chemical that can cause irritation to the eyes, throat, head and bring on allergic reactions. For some people, the use of VOC can lead to respiratory problems, such as asthma. It also promotes children’s safety by reducing the chances of a child getting hold of a cleaning product like bleach playing with it and accidentally putting it in their eyes or worse in their mouth. 

2  Use household products 

You know the life-saving trick of throwing white wine on spilt red wine, well there are hundreds of nifty products that you’ll probably have in your cupboards, which will clean your home. For example, vinegar is great for removing stubborn stains around the house, and particularly in between windows panes; baking soda is good for absorbing bad odours in the fridge or cupboards; toothpaste is good for whitening the fridge and leaving the fridge with a nice minty smell, as well as getting rid of water rings when mixed with baking soda, and lemon mixed with vinegar can remove tough stains on cookers and in the oven.

Miss Adams Helpers is one of London's few eco-friendly cleaning companies that specialises in getting your home spotlessly clean using products that are good for the environment and good for you

Use household goods like lemon and baking soda to clean your house

 3  Replace your toxic cleaning products

You might be surprised to hear that big brands you’re already using have eco-friendly versions. For example, Flash’s Clean and Care spray is made with vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and natural soap. Waitrose stocks lots of eco-friendly products, from its Method range of cleaning products, which are non-toxic, to the better-known Ecover brand, which includes washing powder and washing up liquid. 

4 Avoid conventional dry cleaners

Conventional dry cleaners are the largest users of the industrial solvent called Perchloroethylene, which is toxic to humans and also creates smog. The two most common green dry cleaning methods are carbon dioxide cleaning and Green Earth. Find dry cleaners that use green methods or employ Miss Adams’ Helpers to clean your clothes.

5 Employ an eco-friendly cleaning company 

Miss Adams’ Helpers is a London-based cleaning company that specialises in steam cleaning and uses only eco-friendly products. Every cleaning product that Miss Adams’ Helpers is natural and they discourage the use of toxic conventional products. As a former healthcare professional Esther, the founder of the company, is trained to encourage people to live a natural and healthy lifestyle, Miss Adams Helpers is just an extension of that. The company offers: steam cleaning; specialist spring cleaning services; one-off cleaning jobs; ironing services and laundry services. It operates all over London (especially Blackheath and Greenwich, Fulham, Chelsea and Kensington). 

For more information on eco-friendly cleaning or to book a cleaner, visit missadamshelpers.co.uk