Brixton is often named as one of the best areas to buy property in London thanks to its more affordable housing, amazing restaurant scene and buzzing community life. But how well do you know the area? Take our quiz to find out if you’re a true Brixton resident or just a tourist



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<li>Which of these celebrities is from Brixton?</li>
<li>Which of these festivals takes place in Brixton?</li>
<li>Which of these restaurants is not in Brixton Village </li>
<li>What decade did building that houses Brixton Academy first open? </li>
<li>Where did Electric Avenue get its name from? </li>
<li>Which Prime Minister spent his teenage years in Brixton? </li>
<li>What year did Nelson Mandela visit Brixton with Prince Charles  (picture credit The Mirror)</li>
<li>One of the most famous songs about the area’s troubled past is ‘Guns of Brixton’. But who wrote it?</li>