Unkillable Houseplants: 5 of the Best for Beginners

Love the lush look but not naturally green fingered? All is not lost, you just need to choose your houseplants wisely.

Here, Isabelle Palmer, founder of thebalconygardener.com, picks out her favourite ‘bomb proof’ plants (1-3), while houseplant enthusiast Victoria Purcell (theresident.co.uk’s Digital Editor) adds in a couple of her unkillable picks (4 & 5)…

1. Kalanchoes (Flaming Katy): A member of the succulent family, these pretty plants are a great choice as they will bloom happily for up to 10 weeks with just weekly watering. Kalanchoes are a great-value, colourful starter plant. For Kalanchoe care tips and inspiration see @AlwaysKalanchoe on Instagram

2. Cacti: Angels Wings or ZZ plants are great too – these types of cacti will thrive with little attention and are pretty bomb proof!

3. Ivy: This is one of my favourite houseplants for their delicate trailing form. Either pot them up or grow them in water for a more contemporary feel. They need little attention and provide a green splash in your interiors.

4. Cast iron plant (Aspidistra Elatior): Cast iron by name cast iron by nature… This Japanese perennial is happy in any environment – hot, cold, humid or arid. If you’re good to him, you might even see small purple flowers growing at the base of this plucky little houseplant in the spring.

5. Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana): This striking beauty gives the impression you know what you’re doing when it comes to houseplants, but he’s hardy enough to withstand a little neglect and doesn’t mind staying in the same pot for years on end. The native Australian palm does prefer a position with some natural light though.

Buyers’ tip: A great shop for houseplant beginners is Patch Plants. Not only do they have super accessible information on how to care for each of their plants, they’ll even deliver them to your door, which is perfect for Londoners without cars looking for more greenery in their lives.