Chamberlain & Co’s Royal Porcelain Works creates luxury fine bone china, continuing Worcestershire’s proud tradition of British ceramics and designed it for modern luxury interiors

Chamberlain & Co offers discerning consumers prestige, hand-made ceramics to suit the tastes of today while preserving the rich heritage of Worcestershire porcelain. Each piece, made entirely by hand, demonstrates the tremendous skills of the artists and craftsmen. At the same time, they are reinvigorating a famous brand name that made an enormous contribution to the county’s leading role in china production.

Patience is what makes Chamberlain & Co different
The creation of Chamberlain’s fine bone china is a highly skilled process that cannot be hurried. From the casting of each vase, comport or bowl to the painstaking decoration, using special ceramic colours and precious metals, every stage requires patience, the highest technical skills and the finest artistry.

The time, effort and sheer craftsmanship involved means that many pieces can take as many as 150 man-hours to create, and each one is unique. The Witley Vase (pictured below) is cast from 30 component pieces and seamlessly assembled to make this magnificent showpiece standing 85cm tall. The Birlingham Box (also below), meanwhile, is true testimony to Chamberlain & Co’s understanding of ceramics, painstakingly cast and fired to retain its flawless straight sides in what is quite possibly the largest ornamental ceramic box in the world.


The inspiration
The new Chamberlain & Co collections have been inspired by the exquisite ornamental wares of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, reinterpreted for the modern world and perfectly suited to today’s interiors while retaining a classic elegance.

The team of designers have immersed themselves in the history and heritage of Worcestershire ceramics before creating the elegant new shapes that form the basis of the collections. The pattern designs were also inspired by the wonderful productions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, sharing the same timeless qualities and breathtaking decoration.

Exquisite statement ceramics
The end result is an unrivalled collection of prestige ceramic art. Any one of Chamberlain’s exquisite pieces brings classic elegance to its setting. A stunning example is the Broadway Vase (pictured above) in Chamberlain’s exclusive black bone china. It’s truly one of a kind, the ebony surface adorned by graceful hummingbirds descending upon tantalising passion flowers so lifelike that one can almost detect the exotic scent.

Chamberlain & Co's designers have immersed themselves in the heritage of Worcestershire ceramics

Chamberlain & Co’s designers have immersed themselves in the heritage of Worcestershire ceramics

Fine bone china, unique to you
A handmade piece of fine bone china makes a wonderful centrepiece for any room, but Chamberlain & Co can offer something that is even more personal and exclusive: a specially commissioned piece uniquely created for you, to complement your personal taste and décor. It could be as simple as a variation in pattern or colour based on a Chamberlain design. Alternatively, the designers can capture virtually any scene or subject: a favourite place, or the portrait of a beloved pet, in an original work of art that will never fade.

With the finest ceramic artists and craftsmen, if it’s possible to make something from fine bone china then Chamberlain & Co has the ability to do so. Whatever you decide, the team of artists and designers will involve you in every stage of the process, from initial concept to finished piece, to ensure that your bespoke Chamberlain ceramic exceeds your expectations and becomes a precious heirloom.

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