2018’s Top Trends in Kitchen Design

Considering a new kitchen? Looking for something that combines contemporary style with function? Start with 2018’s biggest kitchen trends buzzwords:

  • Broken plan
  • Built in
  • Texture contrast
  • Metallics

But what do these trends look like, which will work in your home, and how do you incorporate them into your home? The Resident teams up with the experts at Roundhouse to unpick this year’s top kitchen trends… 

1 Broken plan
A broken-plan design is where the space is physically divided by things like changes to floor levels, materials, glass partitions, partial walls, shelving, screens, bookcases, storage or furniture.

The idea is that with subtle divisions you can keep the sense of space that you get with an open-plan layout while creating areas that you can use as your own space away from the rest of the family.

With a layout like this it is even more important to maintain cohesion in your kitchen design, which often means connecting spaces with colour or furniture.


2 Built in
Kitchen trends 2018: Built in kitchen design by RoundhouseWith the trend toward open living spaces – be they open plan or broken plan – the lines are often blurred between living, cooking and dining areas.

Built in means having furniture in the living space that echoes that of your kitchen.

With a bespoke design you can have audio-visual furniture or shelf units, for example, that are made in the same materials in the same style as your kitchen, thereby maintaining a coherent overall design.


3 Texture contrast
Kitchen trends 2018: Texture contrast by kitchen design by RoundhouseMatt and high gloss lacquers in kitchens will always be popular but highly textured finishes like rough-sawn oak ply, deeply riven river-washed finish and beautiful bleached wood are growing more popular.

Textures can be used in unusual combinations with simple hand-painted matt lacquer and gorgeous natural stone work surfaces, or beautiful polished concrete that acquires its own patina with age.

Mixing materials needs to be done with care. Bespoke kitchen design specialists Roundhouse never tries to shoehorn a texture or finish into a kitchen. Instead, experienced kitchen designers use luxury veneers and contemporary textures in bespoke kitchen cabinetry to help blur the boundaries between kitchen and living areas in modern, open-plan homes.


4 Metallics
Metal-wrapped doors and panels and textured surfaces for cabinetry in the kitchen mark a distinct move away from uniformity and a quest for more individuality.

Finishes like metal wraps are reflective and rich, with depth and texture and, used with matt or gloss lacquers, beautiful book-matched veneers or textured finishes, they create a layered effect.

As they age they acquire a natural patina, which adds to their beauty and richness. Other glamorous metallic finishes include burnished copper and bronze, and hammered silver, which offers a more textured look.

New Roundhouse bespoke living room furniture features glazed cupboards and open shelving, making it easier to blur the lines between kitchen and living areas.

Whatever trend stimulates your creativity, with judicious thought and planning and the help of a good bespoke kitchen designer with their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and materials, you can create a stunning kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Roundhouse kitchens start at £35,000.

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