Locks help us to keep our valuable belongings and even our lives safe. No one wants to feel insecure at home. A house without effective security systems cannot be considered as a safe place to live. Strong locks on your front and back residential doors give you confidence when you are away from your house and even when you are at home, sleeping or relaxing in the garden.

But how often should you change your home locks? Why? And how much does it cost? The answers to these questions may be different for particular occasions and your unique security needs, but this article covers the top 10 reasons why and when it’s a good idea to change the locks on your house:

1 You lost your keys
Unfortunately, this happens very often. And even if you have a spare key, you can’t feel secure, because you want to be assured that anyone finding your keys can’t enter your home. Changing the locks can give you a peace of mind.

Having your keys stolen is even more dangerous situation than losing them. With lost keys, you presume someone has access. And with stolen keys, you are assured that they are in hands of a criminal. So if someone has stolen your key, the best thing is to change your locks immediately.

2 You want to secure your garage and your car
An old or simple garage lock is another reason to worry, since it leaves your car vulnerable to thieves. A well-timed change of the existing lock will allow you to circumvent such trouble. However, if your vehicle does get damaged, you will need a trustworthy auto locksmith to fix the lock problem, replace the car keys and mechanism in order to prevent further break-ins.

3 You moved into a new home
You never know how many copies of keys a previous homeowner made and who may still have a set of those keys – friends, neighbours, family members… For you and your family’s safety, you should replace your locks.

4 Your locking mechanisms are old or malfunctioning
If your locks are old or it’s difficult to open them, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Faulty mechanisms can be opened easily by burglars. Moreover, obsolete or defective once also may cause a lockout, which is a very unpleasant situation.

Home security: Why, and how often, you should change you home locks5 You experienced a break-in
If you experienced a break-in or attempted break-in, you should immediately replace your locks. Those burglars might have made copies of your keys and have control of your residential locks. Moreover, during a burglary or a break-in attempt, criminals may have damaged your locks that can cause lockouts and can lead to malfunction. Considering these simple tips to help prevent a break-in.

6 Someone moved out
If your spouse moved out due to a separation or divorce, or your tenant or roommate has moved on, it’s time to change your house locks. This will keep them from coming back to your house and letting themselves in.

7 You gave your keys to someone
If you gave your keys to a repairman or service provider and they didn’t give them back, it would be a good idea to change your locks. Again, in this case, you cannot be sure who might have access to your house.

8 Locks are not changed for a long time
It’s advisable to replace your residential locks every few years, even if you haven’t faced any of the above mentioned cases, as they become outdated as security technology advances and changes.

9 You want to simplify your life
It’s a good idea to change your locks just to make life easier. If you have different keys for every house door, it can be difficult to find the right key for each door, especially in the dark. Having one key that unlocks all of your residential doors makes things easier, plus you won’t have to carry that bulky set of keys anymore.

There is another option to simplify your life and it is called a keyless entry system, which allows you to enter your home with your smartphone, fingerprint or in another way.

10 You just want to feel safe
When travelling, you want to be able to relax and not worry about your house security. Old or malfunctioning locks make your home less secure, even when you’re at home. Consider changing your obsolete security systems so that you can sleep easy at night.