Creative Cuisine: Why You Should Dine Out at This Family-friendly Gastropub in Cambridgeshire

We usually know what to expect from traditional pub menus, so heading somewhere that adds a unique twist to our favourite dishes can make for an unforgettable experience. This is something The Brewers Inn in Milton knows all about…

Photos: The Brewers Inn 

The Brewers Inn, located in Milton, has incorporated a very modern style into the classic British pub meals that we know and love. If you’re heading down to Cambridge and the surrounding area for a staycation or day trip, a distinctive dining experience awaits you at this welcoming, contemporary gastropub.

We chat to Mauli, chef patron at the Brewers Inn, about the influences behind the menu and the variety of food and drink available.

Q: How would you describe the style of cuisine that you serve?

A: We define our style of food as being modern British, but with a refreshing take on the classic dishes. Our menu focuses on fresh ingredients, and we add spices and seasonal vegetables to many of the meals to enhance the flavour. You will find long-standing favourites such as Sunday roasts and fish and chips on our menu, but also international cuisine such as our light and flavoursome Monkfish curry, or crispy lamb sweetbreads for diners searching for something a little different.

When we made the move to Cambridgeshire from Suffolk, it became apparent that no other establishment was providing the type of food that we had in mind. We wanted to offer adventurous cuisine that added a distinct quality to the traditional pub menu. Having been trained in French and Italian food, as well as working in British kitchens for many years, the food at the Brewers Inn incorporates ingredients, recipes and presentation that sets it apart from your average pub fare.

Contemporary British food and drink at The Brewers Inn in Cambridge

Q: Can people with dietary requirements dine out at your restaurant?

A: Our customers are at the centre of our service, and as such we always do our best to make everyone feel at home at the Brewers Inn. Dining out can be quite daunting for people with strict dietary requirements, so to visit a restaurant where everything is cooked on the spot and bespoke dishes are commonplace is a huge relief.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free requirements can all be met in our kitchen. Grilled tandoori style paneer steak, roasted beetroot tart and sticky toffee pudding are just a few options on the vegan and vegetarian menu. If someone wishes for specific ingredients to be removed or prepared in a certain way, we can certainly accommodate their needs.

Dietary requirements and food on offer at The Brewers Inn in Cambridge

Q: What drinks do you offer?

A: Our free house selection gives customers the freedom to choose something suitable for them. We have a number of local beers and spirits to help support other local businesses, and our wine list has been carefully selected to complement the food that we cook.

We will also introduce a number of alcohol-free, low alcohol and gluten-free beers, wines and spirits to ensure that diners with specific requirements can have an enjoyable experience.

Drinks and alcohol on offer at The Brewers Inn in Cambridge

Q: What makes the city of Cambridge a great place to visit?

A: For many people used to city life, particularly in London, the atmosphere of Cambridge and the surrounding area is a welcome change. Getting away from the busy lifestyle so many of us have, and visiting a place that has a vibrant yet relaxed feel to it can make a huge difference.

Enjoy a staycation in Cambridge at The Brewers Inn

There’s plenty to see and do here for young couples and families; for instance, Milton Country Park is right next door to the pub which is perfect for a pre-dinner stroll. The city is a beautiful place to visit during the day or the evening, with a variety of family-friendly activities, shopping centres and theatres.

If you’re planning on staying for the weekend, we have several converted stable rooms at the Brewers Inn, featuring all of the modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Opening times at the Brewers Inn from Monday to Thursday are 12pm-11pm, 12pm-12am on Friday and Saturday, and 12pm-8pm on Sunday.

To find out more about the Brewers Inn, or to book a table or a room, visit or call 01223 861349.