Virtual Boozers: 5 Ways to Make the Pub Come to You

Online pub quizzes, virtual bars, beer deliveries and cocktail masterclasses – here’s how to make the pub come to you during lockdown

Lead image: Deagreez / iStock / Getty Images Plus

1 Signature Brew’s Pub in a Box
Signature Brew – which runs the Blackhorse Beer Mile brewery bar, a Taproom in Haggerston and The Collab burger bar in Walthamstow – is helping Londoners who are missing their pub visits with its ingenious new Pub in a Box. The box of wonder contains the brewery’s core range of beers (you can order eight, 16 or 24 cans), snacks including nuts and pretzel pieces, two stem glasses, a Spotify playlist with a QR code, and a music quiz. Best of all, if you live local, it’ll be delivered by a musician looking to bridge the gap while all gigs and tours are cancelled. The Pub in A Box is available for delivery throughout the UK priced £25-£60 (click here to order).

2 Brewdog’s Online Bar
Brewdog has been busy. After switching its UK bars into click and collect points via the Hop Drop app, they are now launching the first ever BrewDog Online Bar session. Kicking off at 6pm on Friday 27 March, Brewdog wants to go beyond offering its beers and food to you at home, it also wants to bring the Brewdog community through your doors – virtually, of course. Head on in for live beer tastings with co-founders James and Martin and other beer experts, homebrew masterclasses, virtual pub quizzes, Q&As with BrewDog crewmembers, live music and comedy, and giveaways and exclusive merch.

Beer delivery in London: Let the pub come to you with Signature Brew's pub in a box

Can’t go to the pub? Let the pub come to you with Signature Brew’s Pub in a Box

3 The Indy-Tute’s Pub Quiz: Live to Your Living Room
The Indy-Tute, born of a love of pop ups, London and learning something new, has been offering gift experiences since 2013, and now it is creating ‘Indy-House’ experiences for these quarantine times! First up is a Friday night pub quiz, without the pub. Instead, download Zoom, pour yourself a drink, get some snacks in, and get ready to quiz from 8pm every Friday from 27 March. Hosted by ex-Stranglers frontman Paul Roberts, you can win prizes from Fitz Wine and The Indytute, and all money raised will go to local food banks. £5. Tune in at 7.45pm for the warm up.

4 Virtual Cocktail Masterclasses
If you’re a little fancier in your choice of tipple, how about a daily cocktail masterclass? Cocktail bars are out, but your personal at-home cocktail trolley is very much IN. To make sure your serves are on point, premium spirit brands Villa Ascenti Gin, Belsazar Vermouth, Ketel One Vodka and Johnnie Walker are introducing a series of virtual cocktail masterclasses. The virtual cocktail masterclasses – led by skilled brand ambassadors like Ali Reynolds of Johnnie Walker and Kate Jackson of Ketel One vodka – will showcase cocktail recipes and tips using everyday ingredients found at home. Aside from perfecting mixology skills, you’ll learn how to craft syrups, citrusy cordials and more. The hour-long masterclasses will be broadcast daily at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm on World Class GB and Diageo Bar Academy’s social media pages.

5 Big Drop’s Living Room Pub Quiz
Big Drop Brewing Co, known for producing some of the world’s finest alcohol-free beers, is hosting a mega virtual pub quiz every Tuesday until 21 April from 7pm. Take part from the comfort of your own home via YouTube Live. It’s completely free and pretty relaxed. Here’s the rules: Big Drop’s quizmasters will ask questions live on YouTube, competitors write them down, at the end of each round, the answers will be revealed. It’s up those taking part to mark them (be honest!), and while there are no prizes – just the chance to bask in your brilliance – those who stay tuned throughout the live session might come across a giveaway or two… Big Drop’s range of alcohol-free beers are perfect for those who want to keep a clear head. Choose from a Stout, Lager, Pale Ale and IPA – all of which can be delivered to the door.

Low alcohol beer delivers: Big Drop founders James Kindred and Rob Fink say cheers!

Big Drop founders James Kindred and Rob Fink say cheers!