This summer has been a scorcher so far, and when a heatwave like this hits, there’s only one place to head – your garden. But just because it’s too hot to journey to your favourite rooftop cocktail bar, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a cracking mojito. The ready-to-serve cocktail market has come a long way, and The Resident gets into the swing of summer by road testing some of the best…

The ready-to-serve cocktail, once rather sugary, sweet, and best left in the hands of students, has come a long way of late. Move over 5-litre bottles of strawberry daiquiri syrup and make way for premium quality ready-to-serve cocktails that have been crafted with as much care as your favourite bottle of wine.

Tails Cocktails is a great example of a ready-to-serve, premium-batched cocktail that has raised the bar – excuse the pun – with a range combining the finest ingredients with premium liqueurs and spirits to create authentic cocktails prepared and premixed at bar strength. So all you have to do is invite your friends over and ensure a plentiful supply of ice…

The award-winning Tails Cocktails range features eight serves – Berry Mojito, Elderflower Collins, Moscow Mule and Espresso Martini (all available from Tesco and leading independent retailers), as well as Cosmopolitan, Negroni, Amaretto Sour and Pornstar Martini (available in restaurants and bars).

Ready-to-serve cocktails: Tails Cocktails Espresso Martini

Tails Cocktails is a premium quality ready-to-serve cocktail brand

That Espresso Martini (available in a 500ml bottle, RRP £10) was the star of the show when The Resident team tried the goods – a mix of premium, triple-distilled vodka (26%), coffee liqueur (17%), coffee extract (10%) and vanilla. It’s smooth, rich, complex and a coffee-lovers dream digestif (or apéritif, or 5-o’clock tipple of choice). But if you’re looking for summer sipping, Tails Cocktails has released a new selection of ready-to-serve summer-style cocktails, the Berry Mojito, Elderflower Collins and Moscow Mule (all available as picnic-friendly 200ml single-serve bottles, RRP £4, or 500ml bottles with 3-4 serves, RRP £8).

Berry Mojito is a fruity version of the classic drink – pop a mint leaf in to really enhance that refreshing mint flavour, and the berry comes through to add an extra dimension of flavour. The Elderflower Collins is light and refreshing with London dry gin and hints of apple juice and lemon juice – easy to drink and less sharp than your standard Collins.

The Moscow Mule proved popular too thanks to its zesty, fiery finish. Made with triple distilled vodka, ginger Liqueur, bitters, ginger beer and lime juice, a twist of lime adds the perfect summer edge to this classic.

Tails Cocktails are also available in Greene King pubs, Prezzo restaurants and several airlines.


So, now that you know you can enjoy bar-quality cocktails at home, without the impatient, beer-mat-tapping wait at a busy cocktail bar, what else is out there? The Resident takes a closer look at ready-to-serve cocktails…

Poison Cocktails Created to remove the frustration of waiting for your cocktail in a crowded bar, Poison Cocktails created a style of ready-to-serve cocktails where all you have to do is shake and go. Poison Cocktails has a slew of cocktails to choose from, including the Woo Woo Single Cocktail or the June Bug Single Cocktail – they also deliver directly to your door.

The Whisky Exchange As well as their considered range of spirits, whiskey, wines and beers, Whisky Exchange offers ready-to-serve cocktails both online and in their Covent Garden shop. Choose from the likes of a Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Manhattan or many more. Prices from £9.65.

Funkin Cocktails Not a ready-to-serve, but the next best thing if you have a cupboard full of spirits, is Funkin Cocktail Mixers. Made from the best fruit, sourced the world over, they currently have nine ready-made cocktail mixers to choose from, including the Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Shaker and Funkin Raspberry Mojito Mixer (starting at £4).