Patrick Drake, the co-founder of HelloFresh and the man behind The 60 Second Chef, takes The Resident on a tour of his Shoreditch home. But considering his career choice, we were surprised to find a tiny kitchen… 

WORDS Mark Kebble 

Considering his current career, when Patrick Drake found his new home in Shoreditch, it’s slightly surprising that one room wasn’t quite up to scratch: ‘The kitchen wasn’t ideal to be honest,’ says the co-founder of HelloFresh and the man who is 60 Second Chef. ‘It’s absolutely tiny! The thing is, though, the apartment simply won me over.’

On the day of our photo shoot, it’s easy to see why. Light bursts in through the windows and there’s something really airy about the Shoreditch apartment. It’s two years since Drake moved here from down the road in Old Street where he lived in what used to be a photography studio: ‘That was 3,000 sq ft, literally big enough to skateboard in, but was too big!’. 

At home with Patrick Drake The 60 Second Chef

The kitchen may not be the biggest, but it has plenty of spice

‘The apartment was just a shell when I arrived,’ he says. ‘I remember I had 10 people coming by for lunch soon after I moved in and I didn’t even have a dining table. I was walking past a building site right next to my house and I ended up asking if I could take some pieces away with me, and then put together a dining table myself. That’s the vibe here, an upcycling feel. I love that feeling of things having character.’

What’s obvious throughout the interview is how happy Drake appears to be. Ditching a successful career in the City – ‘I didn’t feel I had any sense of passion or purpose’ – he came up with the idea of HelloFresh, where he and his team send out recipes and a box of essential ingredients so they can rustle something spectacular up themselves.

At home with Patrick Drake The 60 Second Chef

There is a real upcycling vibe to Patrick Drake’s apartment






‘We could see that people were not cooking from scratch,’ Drake explains. ‘It’s not that they didn’t want to, but at the end of a long day they didn’t want to get creative in the kitchen. They don’t necessarily have the five herbs and spices they need to create a certain recipe. So it’s about taking away all the hassle of cooking from scratch.’

Launched four years ago, the company has become a huge success, with even the likes of Jamie Oliver involved, but Drake wanted more: ‘I love teaching people,’ he says, so he created The 60 Second Chef.

‘Cooking schools can be intimidating to non-cooks, and online content is not easy to find. I wanted to solve all those problems by creating The 60 Second Chef. It teaches you every single skill you need to know to be a confident cook in 60 second videos. Cooking is a great passion of mine, but so is helping people realise their own potential.’

At home with Patrick Drake The 60 Second Chef

Patrick Drake couldn’t be happier with his Shoreditch home

What’s more, despite being slightly on the small side, his Shoreditch kitchen was the perfect place to create these videos. ‘I needed to have a location where it was the aesthetics I wanted,’ he says. ‘When looking at online cookery courses, a lot of teaching content is done in an incredibly sterile space. I wanted to do something more homely, so this was just perfect.

‘I am passionate about the work I do. I have a sense of direction and purpose, and a sense of piece of mind that comes with all of that. And, I must say, my apartment is a huge part of that. I get a sense of joy being here.’

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