Yashin Ocean House sits on a quiet stretch of Old Brompton Road in a building that looks like anything other than a sushi restaurant. The surprising style continues inside where gone is the ubiquitous dark, black and sleek space you so often find in sushi restaurants and in place are monochrome Edwardian tiles, a wood panelled bar with a shiny green top that is built around a display case of dry aging fish. The eccentric design is highlighted more-so by an eclectic range of lighting that includes a life-sized horse and vintage street lamps on the walls. 

In the open kitchen young Japanese chefs slice and dice the likes of wagyu beef loin with wasabi dressing, grouper with summer truffle and yuzu dressing, and yellow tail with orange soy – there’s no California rolls here. If you’re feeling daring and really want to make the most of the chef’s expertise, order the omakase sushi, which translates to ‘I’ll leave it to you’, and you’ll be presented with whatever is most fresh that day.

Yashin Ocean House, Old Brompton Road

But along with its mould-breaking design and interesting menu, Yashin Ocean House is getting quite a reputation for its vast collection of  Japan’s top sake. Here, its sake sommelier picks out 10 must-tries for when you visit – order one of these and you’ll look like a pro…


1 Shirakawago, Sasanigori
Junmai Ginjo Nigorizake – a dry style cloudy sake


2 Shochikubai Mio
A sparkling sake with low alcohol, as little as 5%


3 Kozutsumi Houbai
Sparkling Plum sake 


4 Umenoyado Yuzu
Yuzu sake 


5 Kawatsuru
Muroka Junmai – a well balanced unfiltered sake


6 Daishichi Kimoto classic
Junmai – Kimoto is a classical method of creating sake


7 Bunraku Haku
Junmai Ginjo Genshu, an undiluted sake wiith fuller flavor and higher alcohol


8 Azumaichi Nero
Junmai Ginjo – lower alcohol than usual and very elegant style


9 Gasanryu Gokugetsu
Fukurodori Junmai Dai Ginjo –  full fruity flavor


10 Tedorigawa Mangekyo
Daiginjo – this has been aged for two years at -5C