Redemption Bar, London’s fastest growing vegan restaurant, has launched its second restaurant. Following the success of its Notting Hill venue, the team has launched Redemption Shoreditch

Fast becoming London’s top vegan restaurant, Redemption serves up delicious-yet-nutritious sugar-free, wheat-free vegan dishes and non-alcoholic cocktails. Established two years ago as a pop-up eatery, the company has attracted a cult following and a celebrity clientele, proving that healthy food can tantalise the pickiest of taste buds, with a selection of dishes and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Redemption’s ethos is firmly rooted in caring not just for oneself, but for the planet and the welfare of animals too. The company is the brainchild of CEO, Catherine Salway, and Creative Director and Executive Chef, Andrea Waters.

‘Shoreditch has always been the number one on Redemption’s hit list,’ says Catherine. ‘It is the new epicenter of London and the creative heart of the world’s greatest city. Despite its party reputation, Shoreditch has always felt like the spiritual home of Redemption, right from the great reception we got for our first pop up at Netil House in Hackney in 2013, East-enders have always seemed to embrace what we’re doing as a bit of a respite from the usual temptations.’


The Redemption team will be pulling out all the stops with an innovative detox menu for January across both sites, designed by creative director and executive chef, Andrea Waters. Highlights include:

  • Kelp noodle and lemongrass laksa – a nourishing noodle soup with shitake mushrooms, spring onions, red chili, ginger and coconut water
  • Roasted pumpkin coated in cashew and gamasio – with avocado, lemon, garlic and horseradish guacamole, a detox powerhouse
  • Beetroot spaghetti with kale and almond pesto – raw beetroot spaghetti tossed in an antioxidant-rich pesto topped with wild rocket and lemon flaxseed oil

Redemption is open for brunch, lunch and dinner (Mon-Fri, 12pm-11pm; Sat, 10am-11pm; Sun, 10am-5pm) at 320 Old Street, Shoreditch EC1V 9DR & 6 Chepstow Road, Notting Hill W2 5BHSee

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