Need a juice boost for summer holiday season? This superfood smoothie recipe from Neal’s Yard Remedies is designed to tone the body, reduce cellulite and combat cravings for sweet treats. Here’s how to make a healthy green drink with apples, carrots, celery and ginger

Super Summer Body Boost Smoothie


3 organic carrots – Betacarotene is an antioxidant which is responsible for skin health and repair, it may also help reduce sun sensitivity.
2 stalks organic celery – A natural diuretic to reduce water retention and a potent antioxidant.
3 organic apples – Source of pectin that has been proven to help reduce cholesterol, reduce weight and balance blood sugar.
Half an inch of ginger – Boosts the digestion and circulation to help the body detoxify.
2 heaped teaspoons of chia seeds – The seeds swell filling the stomach and satiating hunger.
2 teaspoons spirulina – Microalgae helps the body's cleansing process, which may lessen the appearance of cellulite.
1 teaspoon green tea – Green tea increases the rate at which we burn calories, it may also inhibit the enzymes responsible for storing fat.
Make a small cup of fresh green tea, infusing the leaves for 1-2 minutes – allow to cool.
Juice the carrots, celery, apple and ginger.
Combine all the ingredients in a jug, whisking thoroughly to disperse the spirulina.
Add the chia seeds just before serving with ice.
Pour a refreshing glass.

By Tipper Lewis, Head Herbalist at Neal's Yard Remedies


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