Whipped ewes milk yoghurt with wild and cultivated strawberries, strawberry sorbet and verbena meringues

  • Serves 8


500g Cornish Ewes Milk Yoghurt (or substitute any good quality yoghurt)
130g Milk
3 Leaves of Gelatin (softened in cold water)
150g Whipping Cream
50g Icing Sugar
½ Lime Zest
Bring milk to the boil, whisk in softened gelatine then chill in fridge for 1 hour.
In a separate bowl whisk cream, sugar and zest until softly whipped. Whisk in the yoghurt and chill. Whisk in mousse. Chill.
Whisk egg whites in electric mixer and add hot sugar water mix carefully at 121˚C.
Keep whisking until cool and a strong meringue has formed. Whisk in verbena.
Spread on tray lined with parchment paper and dry in oven at 90˚C until crisp.

By Brett Graham