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Luxury Hot Sauces that are Good for You & the Planet

Hot sauce is hot sauce, right? Wrong! These new gourmet hot sauces look great, taste great, are packed with antioxidants and have impressive eco-credentials 

Words: Joanna Lewis

Wicked Wasabi, Heavenly Harissa, Perfect Piri Piri, Forever Phall… These are just a few of the tempting hot sauces launched by Chilli No. 5, a new global company that offers 13 designer chilli sauces inspired by cuisines from around the world.

Established by Monaco-based entrepreneur Rumble Romagnoli and superyacht chef Colin Ross, the luxury sauces feature a blend of five of the finest chillies from across the globe, offering incredible depth of flavour and the perfect amount of heat.

But Chilli No. 5’s collection of hot sauces are about more than taste, they also contain powerful antioxidants and have a range of health benefits.

First, each sauce features an exclusive blend of six powerful supplements – inulin, red ginseng, maca powder, L-Arginine, and fenugreek – each one selected for its range of reported health benefits.

Second, all of the sauces feature a plethora of the very finest superfoods known for their high level of antioxidants. Finally, all 13 hot sauces are vegan and most are free from any artificial flavourings and preservatives.

‘It was essential to us that we not only created a collection of hot sauces that tasted incredible, but ones that were healthy too and made with only the very finest ingredients,’ Romagnoli said.

‘So we added natural superfoods that are known to contain powerful antioxidants and gave all of our sauces an extra health boost with our curated selection of supplements.’

‘Our sauces are designed to make it easy to make delicious meals at home’

Romagnoli’s lightbulb moment for Chilli No. 5 came during the height of the pandemic. Frustrated that he was unable to create dishes at home that featured the depth of flavour found in some of his favourite restaurant dishes, he set to work with chef Ross to create a collection of hot sauces that would add pizzazz to any dish.

‘During lockdown people were cooking more at home than they had for years and were discovering how challenging it was to create tasty dishes packed with bold flavours,’ Romagnoli said.

‘Our sauces are designed to make it easy to make delicious meals at home. Chef Ross and I have taken inspiration from across the globe when making our hot sauces, so no matter what dish you are making, there is a sauce that will pair perfectly.’


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Chilli No. 5’s sauces look great too, presented in a glass bottle designed to grace the most elegant of dining tables. Then there’s Chilli No. 5’s gift set collection, featuring sleek glass vials, perfect for gifting.

With sustainability in mind, each bottle and vial can be refilled time-and-time again by purchasing lightweight stand-up pouches.

‘The pouches are land-fill friendly and six times more sustainable than a plastic bottle,’ Romagnoli explained. ‘And, of course, glass offers a closed-loop recycling system, helping to save earth’s precious natural resources.’

Rounding out Chilli No. 5’s sustainable credentials, the innovative company offers a money-back programme on returned packaging, which the company will then recycle for you.

‘Chilli No. 5 is here to make your life more, exciting, delicious, and extraordinary,’ Romagnoli said. ‘It really is Chilli Saucery. Join the revolution!’

Chilli No. 5 hot sauces are available to buy online and via Facebook and Instagram from 31 October 2020. A subscription programme – The Sauce of Life – is also available