London’s Biggest Instagram Food Crazes Plotted onto a Tube Map

Bubble waffles, cronuts, rainbow bagels… Londoners have an insatiable appetite for an off-the-wall food craze. But tracking them all down has proved quite the task… until now! 

A new Food Tube map from Wren Kitchens has plotted London’s latest food crazes to help you plan your route for an efficient, effective summer food crawl. That’s a whole lot of fodder for your Instagram feed!

Over the last year, we’ve seen eateries pushing the boundaries and adding innovative new twists to classic dishes and drinks – particularly in London. From Fried Horlicks Ice Cream to Matcha Freakshakes, the capital currently boasts an extensive array of eccentric food/drink trends and experiences.

Wren Kitchens has distilled all of this – popular pop-ups, new restaurant openings and items that have caused the biggest buzz on social media – into a handy visual that’s a feast for the eyes!

Wren Kitchens plots London's biggest food crazes onto a tube map

Wren Kitchens plots London’s biggest food crazes onto a tube map

Note: The Negroni Fountain pop-up at Drift Bar & Restaurant has now popped off