Four Winters ice cream parlour on Gloucester Road wanted to start an ice cream revolution by flash freezing the seasons best flavours in front of you using liquid nitrogen, a method used by the likes of chef Heston Blumental. Within seconds, perfectly smooth orbs of frozen lusciousness are formed creating a super smooth, super fresh ice cream

Words: Rachel Mantock 

The Four Winters ice cream revolution brings together culinary art and innovative technology to deliver an unbelievably creamy, flavourful and rich ice cream. Their ice creams are made using seasonal produce, acquired locally and transformed into liquid flavour combinations. These are kept cooled in the flavour vaults of the Gloucester Road store, and each Four Winters ice cream is created and served one cup at a time using liquid nitrogen (liquefied air at -196˚C) technology to freeze the ice cream in front of your eyes.

Boasting a range of flavours that can cater to every mood and palate, the Four Winters parlour changes its menu in line with the seasons, using the best of what each has to offer. Their spring and summer flavours have chirpy names with even happier flavour combinations. These include Strawberry Lavender, The Bee’s Knees – a sweet cream blended with honey and homemade spicy honey brittle – and the quintessentially London flavour, named Afternoon Tea which features bite-size chunks of freshly baked scone with swirls of organic strawberry jam. Taste buds are already tingling!

The Strawberry Lavender flavour

The Strawberry Lavender flavour

The more traditional among you can opt for their premium Vanilla, Chocolate and Coconut offerings while the most experimental can go all out with weird and wonderful flavour blends such as, Peanut Butter Cup, Banana Cream Pie and the German Chocolate Cake.

Founded in 2014 in Jordan, Four Winters became an overnight success, quickly opening another store soon after. Their Gloucester Road store is their first entry into the UK ice cream scene and they plan to franchise across Europe and the Middle East in the future. All their parlours feature open kitchens so that customers can view their globules of creaminess being magically blasted and cold smoked into existence.






Seasonal menu
• Apricot Sorbet – A refreshing sorbet made with spring-ripened apricots
• Rose Lokum – This spring favourite combines rose with Turkish delight and tea biscuits for a delicious floral, fragrant treat
• Marshmallow Passion – A sweet cream base blended with tangy passion fruit and Four Winters’ famous sweet ‘mallow sauce
• Strawberry Lavender – Back by popular demand this ice cream is made with a lavender base and features sweet and tart strawberries for an explosion of flavour
• The Bee’s Knees – A sweet cream blended with honey and homemade spicy honey brittle
• Afternoon Tea – Celebrating its London opening, Four Winters has reinvented the capital’s favourite tea time treat by marrying a sweet cream base with bite-size chunks of scone and swirls of homemade jam 

Solo menu
• Vanilla – Made with the rich, sweet flavour of Madagascar Vanilla Bean
• Chocolate – Bold and dark, this chocolate ice cream is for the true chocolate lover
• Strawberry – This ice cream uses the freshest strawberries for the ultimate in fruit flavour
• Coconut – Made with sweet and nutty coconut for those that like a taste of the exotic
Fusion menu
• German Chocolate Cake – Sweet, fudgy brownies and nutty coconut are mixed with Four Winters’ delicious chocolate ice cream, and then topped with a drizzle of caramel 
• Cereal Crunch – This moreish ice cream combines sweetened cereal clusters with vanilla ice cream and rich salted caramel 
• Peanut Butter Cup – Rich, nutty peanut butter ice cream is topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate crisps for a delicious, indulgent treat
• Banana Cream Pie – Fresh bananas are added to a sweet cream base and then homemade vanilla wafers are mixed in for added crunch.  All of this is then topped off with fresh banana, vanilla wafers and a dollop of whipped cream
• C3Dough – This chocolate chip dough ice cream is made with a brown sugar base and a blend of edible chocolate chip cookie dough and a drizzle of chocolate sauce
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