Green & Black’s Launches Pay-With-Selfie Taxi for Chocolate Lovers

The best things in life are free, they say, and if those freebies combine chocolate and convenience, well, hold us back… All hail – literally – the Green & Black’s cab!

Spot a Green & Black’s taxi cab and, not only can you cruise to your destination for free – well, for the price of a selfie – but you also get to try the new Green & Black’s Truffle and Praline chocolate bars.

Keep an eye out for the special black cabs, which launched on Monday 8 October and will be cruising the streets of London – anywhere within the M25 – until Friday 28 October.

Enjoy a free ride in the Green & Black's taxi cab - complete with free chocolate!

Enjoy a free ride in the Green & Black’s cab – complete with free chocolate!

Simply summon it when you spot it, take your selfie before boarding and post it on Instagram tagging @greenandblacks, then settle onto the softly furnished backseat, buckle up and enjoy some much-deserved, chocolate-fuelled me time.

The newly launched Truffle bar features a heavenly mélange of milk chocolate ganache and golden roasted hazelnut coated in a dark chocolate shell, while the Truffle bar hides a rich velvety truffle centre beneath a layer of dark chocolate.

It’s the perfect predecessor to next week’s National Chocolate Week!