Get Free Supermodel Doughnuts During London Fashion Week!

Supermodels and doughnuts are not natural bedfellows – all those calories? During London Fashion Week? Nah ah. Fortunately for us mere mortals, doughnuts are A-OK. More than OK, in fact, especially when they’re free… 

Iconic Aussie doughnut maker Doughnut Time, which will be opening the doors to its first UK store on Shaftsbury Avenue next month, is celebrating London Fashion Week by giving away a range of supermodel-themed doughnuts for free!

The set of three Catwalk Legends doughnuts pay homage to Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne and will be available for a limited time during London Fashion Week, served up free to Londoners lucky enough to come across the Doughnut Time taxi as it rolls about town. For location updates, keep an eye on @doughnuttime_uk on Instagram.

The candy-covered Kate Floss is glazed with pink icing, topped with candy floss and finished with a signature edible cigarette, while the Cara-mel Delevingne is decorated with a caramel glaze, black ‘eyebrow’ drizzle, gold leaf and gold sugar pearls.

Completing the set is the Naomi Crumble, which has an apple flavoured leopard-print glaze and is topped with biscuit crumble and a rather tongue-in-cheek sugar paper mobile phone.

Doughnut Time has amassed a cult following since its conception in 2015, known for its pop-culture inspired offerings include the Mint Eastward, the Flakey AF and the Doughnutella Versace.

The new London store will feature a bespoke menu decked with retro British flavours and Aussie classics, starting at £4 each.

The Catwalk Legends doughnuts will also be served at Brixton Beach for a limited time.