Bonapeti is a brand new food delivery service operating in London and delivering homemade, vegetarian food ready to be heated up at your house. Ditch the takeaway flyers and the ready meals, this is the new way of easy eating

I don’t know about you but every evening at the end of the working day trying to think of a recipe for supper drives me a little bit mad. What shrivelled up ingredients do I have in the back of the fridge? What delicious meal can I whip up with three leeks and a half-opened can of sour cream? Like a zombie I walk three times around my local supermarket, gradually stepping closer to the neatly stacked trays of ready meals or wondering if I should run home to the piles of take away menus in the kitchen drawer and just order a delivery.

But something always pulls me back. The knowledge that all those additives, saturated fats and sugar that fill takeaways and ready meals are just not good for me perhaps? Or the fact that I don’t even know what half the ingredients in them is? So, when it comes to 6.30pm and the working day ends, I’ll always fall back on those fail-safe mid-week recipes, the quick and easy dishes that I know how to cook. A stir-fry, salads, fish pie…

But picture an alternative. It gets to 6.30pm and instead of stressing about what’s for supper, you know that waiting on your doorstep at home will be a beautifully-packed box full of exotic, wholesome, plant-based food that only needs heating up to be ready for your supper.

Bonapeti, the vegetarian plant-based food delivery in London

Bonapeti’s Middle Eastern mezze is one of the options on the food delivery menu

Bonapeti is a brand new food delivery service operating in London and delivering solely homemade, vegetarian food. Founder Howard Beale discovered the healing quality of eating a meat-free diet following diagnosis of an autoimmune disease a few years ago. Howard found that switching to a meat, diary and wheat-free diet produced amazing results for his health. Now spreading the word around London, Howard has set up Bonapeti with a team of top chefs that includes Sam Pryor (whose CV boasts a stint at The Fat Duck among other top restaurants).

Bonapeti doesn’t use additives, preservatives, sugar or salt to boost flavour, it focuses on using ingredients that is locally and sustainably sourced, and its menu will perk up any mid-week supper conundrums.

Among the colourful and vibrant dishes on offer are the likes of coconut tamarind curry laksa with marinated tofu; carrot salad with pumpkin seed dukkah, and chilli marinated roasted pineapple, with toasted coconut, mango and papaya salad, all of which graced my doorstep one cold December evening.

I never in a million years would have thought to create these dishes myself, let alone have them on the table within half an hour. The laksa was full of flavour, the herbs and spices really standing out – despite being re-heated – and the tofu was a filling substitute for meat, but it didn’t leave me feeling sluggish as meat might have.

Bonapeti, the vegetarian plant-based food delivery in London

Grains, tofu and plant-based foods take a starring role on Bonapeti’s menu

But it was the dessert that really wowed me. The pineapple’s sweetness sated the sugar cravings that the spice-laden main course had left. Its fusion of soft cooked fruit with crispy sweet coconut, zingy mango and the kick of chilli made an altogether very satisfying dessert, and – if I do say so myself – the presentation was lovely.

I wouldn’t normally have a three-course meal mid-week and felt a little greedy by the end of the feast, but it all being plant-based lessened the feelings of guilt, and a quick check of the recipe cards that come with the food shows that the dishes came to only 742 calories per person – much better than a 1,500+ calorie takeaway. Not only that, but the whole meal cost £19.50 in total, that’s less than a tenner per person.

Bonapeti’s menu changes weekly, with three options for starters, mains and desserts, but the theme of exciting ingredients and spices remains all the time, and you can find the likes of sweet potato brochettes with red onion and spice chutney sitting alongside tomato and saffron broth with butter beans and charred autumn greens. You can order from Bonapeti on the same day or in advance and choose a delivery time between 4pm and 9pm. If you’re not at home, the delivery driver will leave your box in a hidden spot.

So next time you’re fretting about what to have for dinner, I highly recommend giving Bonapeti a call.

Bonapeti launches in January 2015, and is offering 40% off first deliveries to anyone who signs up to its mailing list, via the website