Afternoon tea is a rite of passage in Londontown, and Cutter & Squidge has changed the game with its new Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea. The Resident rubs the magic lamp, enters the lair and gives it a whirl…

Cutter & Squidge has swiftly become one of Soho’s favourite bakeries, notorious for its irresistibly creative bakes. This summer, Cutter & Squidge has houred the tradition with a brand new Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea, and let me tell you, they have outdone themselves.

We are left speechless as we walk down the stairs towards the room that’s been dubbed ‘Genie’s Cave’ and take in the extensive transformation of the basement space. We admire the glowing magic lamp table stacked high with glittering coins, jewels and treasures, the glittering floor and the purple and gold tapestries hanging from the ceilings and walls.

We get down to business and begin the hard process of choosing which type of tea we want. I decide on the white tea with pomegranate while my friend chooses the chai, which are both served in cute genie-lamp-styled kettles.

Along with the tea, we order additional drinks, the pineapple Prosecco for my friend and the raspberry equivalent for me. Our first taste of the baked goods comes in the form of the Genie’s Welcome, a delicious amuse bouche where you have to break the raspberry and pomegranate meringue to release the genie inside (and eat the delicious centre, of course).

The Genie’s Welcome is a delicious amuse bouche where you have to break the raspberry and pomegranate meringue to release the genie inside

The savoury scones swirls, which come covered in roasted peppers and feta cheese, are full of flavour and the cucumber and fresh mint finger sandwich lends a perfectly refreshing pop.

But before we could even finish we spot the rest of the treats heading directly for us and my eyes bulge at the glorious pile of cakes and bakes. With a nod of camaraderie, though, my friend and I both dive in with no intention of holding back.


After receiving our new drinks (the Moroccan Mint and classic Earl Grey), we delve into the sweets. I highly recommend the Magic Carpet Cookies (light and sweet while also perfectly reminding you of the magic carpet ride in Aladdin) or the Raspberry & Rose Tart, a delicious treat that melts in your mouth. The peanut butter flavoured Hidden Gem Macaroon and Ruby Dream Cake are also delicious.

And, of course, we couldn’t go to Cutter & Squidge without eating their famous Biskie cookie, and the Golden Treasure Biskie (a double-chocolate delight decorated with a filled pearl and covered in 24-carat gold – their new invention in honour of the tea) was the perfect end to our deliciously indulgent afternoon tea.

Like many afternoon teas, we’re left dangerously close to bursting and could have done with an afternoon nap, but the experience was well worth the weight gain and sleepiness.

Cutter & Squidge transported us to the Arabian ‘dessert’ and let us experience a magical afternoon in the Genie’s Cave — it’s the perfect way to escape the summer heat.

The Genie’s Cave Afternoon Tea is £29.50pp or £34.50 with a glass of bubbles (under 10s £14.50).

Cutter & Squidge, 20 Brewer street, Soho W1F 0SJ; 020 7734 2540. To book see