Tomorrow is Big Breakfast Day! Didn’t know that holiday existed? Neither did we. But, The Strand Palace Hotel has declared 1 February 2017 a celebration of the most important meal of the day.

To mark the occasion the Hotel’s ‘Brekkie Squad’ will be hitting the streets at dawn to hand deliver bacon butties all across the capital. And they want everyone to get involved. They’re asking all Londoners to share their fun breakfast snapshots on social media using the hashtag #BigBreakfastDay2017.

Strand Palace Hotel is one of London’s busiest breakfast spots, serving up to 800 morning meals every day. If you laid down every piece of toast used at their Breakfast each year you could make a trail long enough to go for 4,400 miles. That’s all the way from London to Dehli. And covering that toast uses 220 kg of butter.

They are certainly experts at the traditional English breakfast. Their potatoes alone require an annual ‘weigh in’ of slightly more than the weight of two London buses.

Meanwhile the beans supplied require the equivalent of over 18,000 standard tins each year and the kitchen prepares more than 25kg of hand-picked tomatoes every 24 hours.

The Strand Palace Hotel produces 60,000 litres of tea – enough to fill two municipal swimming baths

Of course you can’t have breakfast without your morning tea. Each year the hotel uses 240,000 tea bags to produce 60,000 litres of tea – enough to fill two municipal swimming baths. And every day, Strand Palace guests get through seven cows’ worth of milk. Of course some of that goes into the 80 litres of coffee consumed each day by sleepy Londoners.

So set your alarms and get ready to rise and shine for Big Breakfast Day! This will be a morning you won’t want to snooze through.

372 Strand, London WC2R 0JJ; 020 7379 4737; strandpalacehotel.co.uk


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