When it comes to investments that are fun as well as prudent, more and more people are turning to rare whiskies and Black Bowmore 1964 is one of the rarest in the world.

Black Bowmore 50 Year Old whisky is the last cask of one of the most famous single malt whiskies in the world. There have only been four previous editions of this luxury single malt and there are only 159 bottles of this fifth and final batch, priced at £16,000 a bottle.

How does it taste? Deep and smooth, slightly peaty, with a fruity nose of grapes, cherries and raspberries. You really can also taste the sherry soaked casks it’s been sitting in for the last half a century. There’s also a subtle taste of salt in there somewhere – pulled in by the high tides next to the distillery.

Black Bowmore 1964 is a rare whisky that makes for a fun, prudent investment

Black Bowmore 1964 is a rare whisky that makes for a fun, prudent investment

Traditionalists recommend it served neat so you can savour every last drop of this hugely expensive tipple, and look down into its distinctly deep black colour before you take a sip.

The bottle is something to write home about too – made using a traditional Scottish glassblowing technique and nestled in a hand-carved oak box from Glasgow cabinet maker John Galvin Design. Highly collectable, this rare whisky is the perfect gift for whisky fans and investors alike.


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