Tom Dixon has offered his name and designs to Harrod’s latest opening, Sandwich, a café dedicated to that oh-so humble of British inventions

Harrods welcomed a new arrival recently with the opening of Tom Dixon’s Sandwich, a café which serves the classic British snack with a ‘refined’ twist. Featuring furniture designed by Mr Dixon, the 152 m2 space takes inspiration from classical London club interiors using hues such as deep green, dark blue and rich burgundy. The space itself was created by Design Research Studio.

On the breakfast menu, diners will find the likes of soft boiled clarence court duck egg with black combe ham soldiers and of course, the classic bacon butty. On the straightforward ‘sandwich’ menu, there’s the ‘London Porker’, a bbq hog roast with apple coleslaw, priced at a hefty £12.90, and poached lobster with mango relish in a soft glazed roll going for £18.50.

Tom Dixon’s Sandwich Café is located on the Third Floor of Harrods,

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