Spring Clean Mind & Body with The Detox Kitchen’s Spring Equitox

So you’ve spring cleaned your home, but have you spring cleaned your mind and body?

Spring is that wonderful time of year when lighter evenings and more agreeable weather gift us with a little energy boost to help us on the way to our Best Year Ever.

But just imagine what you could do if you spring cleaned your body as well as your home? And no, I’m not talking about something as drastic as a colonic, I’m talking detox.

Sure, the word detox might have earned itself a bad rep over the last few years, but let’s be clear on one thing – no meal replacement shakes we ingested in the researching of this article! Nor were any meals skipped.

In my greedy little world view, skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner is only acceptable if you’re suffering an unfortunate bout of gastroenteritis, about to undergo surgery, or have gotten a little carried away on the rosé all day and neglected to partake in supper.

With this detox, we’re talking about three square meals – all carefully considered, plant-based and nutritionally balanced (plus snacks!) – put together by someone who knows what they’re doing.

And who might that be? The savvy folks over at the Detox Kitchen. Earlier this year the London-based company, which creates healthy meal packages and delivers them fresh to your door daily, launched The Spring Equitox package, and I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Detox Kitchen believes that by removing highly processed foods that can negatively impact your energy levels and mood – not to mention cause digestive problems – and replacing them with a healthy, balanced diet rich in plant-based foods and lean protein, you will feel more energised and less stressed. And everything’s naturally wheat, dairy and refined sugar-free.

‘Detox Kitchen believes that by removing highly processed foods that can negatively impact your energy levels and mood, you will feel more energised and less stressed’

The package, a 20-day whopper of a journey that delivers a whole day’s worth fresh food to your door every weekday morning, was created based on four pillars: mind, body, physical environment and digital environment. One week addresses one pillar, complete with little gifts to help you with your holistic spring clean.

Mind aims to address the state of ‘peak-stress’ we’ve reached in the UK. According to a survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of the population have felt ‘overwhelmed or unable to cope’ at some point within the past 12 months. Ugh. So the Mind week focuses on stress-busting rituals that successful people live by, with a free gift of Votary’s all-natural Super Seed Oil and an uplifting Eym candle.

Body focuses on achieving healthy and glowing skin, from the inside out, in partnership with Austrian skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann, which harnesses the power of nature and quality, organic ingredients to achieve optimum results. Your little gift this week will be a nourishing Susanne Kaufmann Detox Oil and Alkali Salt.

Physical Environment shares hacks for a healthier home, partnering with Floom to share the powers of air-cleaning plants (your gift is a £20 Floom voucher), and KINN, who’ll be sending you a Lavender & Rosemary Eco Cleaning Set. Since the number of allergy sufferers in Britain is rising year on year, and spring can trigger some serious allergy misery, it’s the right thing to do.

And then, there’s Digital Environment – yes, yes, we all know we need to put our phones down! But can you actually do it? Social media’s negative impacts on mental health are well documented, so while there are benefits to being switched on, it’s more important than ever that we take the time to switch off.

During week four, The Detox Kitchen will share its top tips on protecting yourself from screen fatigue, and gifting you a personalised journal from Papier and a Digital Detox Spray from Amly.

Told you it was a journey, but doesn’t it sounds wonderful? Marie Kondo would be proud, although perhaps not as proud as Gillian McKeith were she allowed to assess your gut health at the end of week four.

‘Marie Kondo would be proud, although perhaps not as proud as Gillian McKeith were she allowed to assess your gut health at the end of week four’

So, the important bit – the food. Twenty days of cabbage soup isn’t going to float anybody’s boat, but The Detox Kitchen knows the importance of flavour, and the meals are super tasty. I did a three-day trial of the service just to get the gist, so while I didn’t get the full month of goodness and emerge à la Gwyneth Paltrow, I thoroughly enjoyed not having to lift a finger in the kitchen while dining like a holistic queen.

Your little box of awesomeness is delivered first thing, between 3am and 7am. I live in a block of flats, which could make things a little tricky, but once I’d squared it with the concierge (the long suffering-chaps at the sharp end of a shocking number of deliveries), we were good to go.

On day one I dined on hazelnut muesli with yoghurt and berry compote for breakfast with a green juice, enjoyed a snack of beetroot hummus with radish crudites, lunched on a vibrant papaya and pineapple salad, nibbled on some cashews to keep the 3pm slump at bay, and then enjoyed a squash and chicken tikka masala for dinner. There was even dessert; a cacao slice.

Not only is the food delicious – fresh, colourful and flavourful – it’s also varied and plentiful. I found myself eating only half my snacks, saving them for hungrier days or sharing with grateful froleagues.

Oh, and everything is dairy free, which is handy for me as cows’ milk brings me out in hives (a recent development that has sucked all the fun out of a cheeseboard and, without being too dramatic about it, ruined my life).

The next day I had an insta-worthy breakfast of avocado and dukkha on rye with a carrot and ginger-based juice, roasted root veggies as a snack, a turmeric cauli bowl for lunch, tamari seeds for afternoon grazing and baked sweet potato with salmon and avocado for dinner (one of my favourite meals for sure). For dessert; a cheeky little tahini truffle.

Of course, I cut out caffeine and booze for the three days – I wasn’t instructed to do so, but it seemed sensible. The booze thing was effortless given I started on a Monday, but I do love a coffee, and by lunchtime on day two the caffeine withdrawal headaches had set in.

By day three I was feeling a little weary, possibly as my body started to adjust to the lack of refined carbs, but having undergone a pretty rigorous detox with Organic Pharmacy before, I was familiar with the stages. Come day four, I was sad it was all over, but feeling pretty serene, and chuffed to have gone three days without any allergy attacks.

‘What Detox Kitchen needs, I thought, is a good cookbook – and low and behold, they have a couple’

The experience made me more aware of what I eat, and I made a concerted effort to up my veggie intake for the rest of the week. If I could stretch to it, I’d Detox Kitchen my way through the year, but for all their sustainability efforts (including recycled and recyclable packaging), having your food delivered daily doesn’t bode well for reducing one’s carbon footprint, and it certainly wouldn’t be financially sustainable!

What Detox Kitchen needs, I thought, is a good cookbook – and low and behold, they have a couple (more here). They also have two London delis (one in Soho and one in Fitzrovia), so whether you’re a keen home cook or an one-the-go 9-5er, there’s a Spring Equitox for you.

The Spring Equitox package is available in vegan and protein options, starting from £665 for 20 days. See


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