Where better to create a nautical-themed outdoor terrace than Maritime Greenwich? Plymouth Gin has teamed up with Rivington Greenwich to do just that – the Plymouth Gin Dock is open from now until 18 September 2016

A series of specially created gin cocktails, inspired by the rich maritime heritage of Greenwich, await guests visiting the Plymouth Gin Dock. From 4pm to 7pm each day, the ‘Pennant Flag’ – historically used by naval ships when in harbour to signal an invitation to others to gather and enjoy gin on their ship – will be hoisted to signify the start of the Plymouth ‘Hour’, with Gin and Tonics for £5. 

‘What you really want from a summer drink is something refreshing, surprising and delicious,’ said Jaiminee Patel, Bar Manager of Rivington Grill Greenwich. ‘I think our list showcases all these qualities. It’s been exciting to work on this project with Plymouth Gin and we have until 18 September to enjoy it!’


Plymouth Gin is a living legend in the archives of drinks history. The world’s first spirit to be called ‘dry gin’ when it was first developed in 1793, it is the only English gin to be granted a Protected Geographical Indication from the European Union. Loved both by the British Royal Navy and by famed explorers, Plymouth Gin sailed the seven seas and travelled from pole to pole, gaining notoriety at every port of call.

The Plymouth Gin family of unique artisan spirits has stood the test of time. Now Rivington Greenwich will be embracing this heritage by creating a series of neo-classic and daringly modern cocktails with this legendary spirit, including: 

The Pennant: Plymouth, Plymouth sloe gin, Antica Formula, Apricot brandy, Lemon, Orange, £9

Bitter Peach: Plymouth Navy, Plymouth Fruit Cup, Crème de Pêche, Koko Kanu, Grapefruit, £8.50

Barbican Southside: Plymouth Navy, Plymouth Fruit Cup, Soda, £8

Apple Smash: Plymouth Gin, Plymouth Fruit Cup, Apple, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Mint, £7.50

Pink Gin: Plymouth Navy, Angostura bitters, Lemon twist, £9 

Harrison’s Martini: Plymouth Gin, Lillet Blanc, Plymouth Fruit Cup, £8.50

Bookings are subject to availability and can be made online at

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